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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

MINFILE Mineral Inventory


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MINFILE contains geological, location and economic information on over 13,900 metallic, industrial mineral and coal mines, deposits and occurrences in B.C..


Recent review, indexing, and scanning of Property File documents identified over 60 new occurrences (see map below) for the MINFILE database.  The BC Geological Survey (BCGS) has been allocated extra funding to update MINFILE and to add new discoveries by reviewing mineral assessment reports, recent publications, press releases, Property File and company websites.  In 2012 and 2013 more than 890 occurrences were updated and 660 occurrences were added by BCGS staff and contractors (Total Earth Science Services and Purple Rock Inc.). 


Map of New Occurrences in 2012
(click on map to enlarge) 
Map of MINFILE Updates in 2012
(click on map to enlarge)


Note: purple is past producer,
black is everything else.



Download Excel list of new MINFILE numbers


Note: Red is producer,
purple is past producer,
black is everything else.


Download Excel list of updated MINFILE numbers

Please quote original source, rather than MINFILE, when referencing reserve/resource estimates.



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For more information about MINFILE please contact the MINFILE Unit.