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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



Ministry of Energy and Mines


Titles and Corporate Relations Division



to the Notice of Public Tender

for disposition of Crown Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights


April 27, 2011



The covering page for the April 27, 2011 Notice of Public Tender has been amended to reflect revisions

to the Ministry name and Bidding Procedures.


The entire amended covering page is provided below.



Ministry of Energy and Mines








April 27, 2011


Pursuant to Section 71 of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act, sealed bids addressed to the Minister of Energy and Mines, and submitted to the office of the Executive Director,  Titles Branch, Titles and Corporate Relations Division, 6th floor, 1810 Blanshard Street, PO Box 9326 Stn Prov Gov’t, Victoria BC V8W 9N3 will be received up to 12:00 noon, Wednesday, April 27, 2011 for the privilege of obtaining petroleum and natural gas rights as outlined below.  Accepted offers will be determined, based on the highest acceptable cash bonus and will be announced on Thursday, April 28, 2011.


Bidding procedures and conditions are defined in Information Letter TACRD-11-03 available from the Titles and Corporate Relations Division, 6th floor, 1810 Blanshard Street, Victoria BC V8W 9N3, telephone (250) 952-0333.  Information Letter TACRD-11-03 supersedes TITLES-07-03.


Bids that do not meet the requirements specified in Information Letter TACRD-11-03 will not be accepted.


The terms included in this Notice of Public tender were determined based on referral comments received from provincial resource management agencies, regional districts, municipalities, and First Nations.  Some parcels may be located in areas with active guide outfitter territories and traplines.  Tenure holders should seek direction/guidance from the Oil and Gas Commission when planning exploration and development activities.  General information on the location and contacts for specific guide outfitter territories and traplines is available from Lori Jeffrey, Administration Clerk, Fort St. John Regional Office, Ministry of Environment, telephone (250) 787-3411.  Maps are available from the Applications and Approvals Branch, Oil and Gas Commission, Fort St. John, BC, telephone (250) 261-5701.  For more information about referral comments received from participating agencies, please contact Director, Resource Development, Titles Branch, Titles and Corporate Relations Division at (250) 952-0333 or fax (250) 952-0331.


The Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA) was brought into force in October 2010 – the Act and regulations under OGAA apply to all tenure and replace statutory requirements and regulations under the Oil and Gas Commission Act, the Pipeline Act and operational aspects of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act.


In addition to any terms listed in this notice, successful bidders should be aware that they will be required to abide by the various acts and regulations governing exploration and development whether or not specific terms are listed in this notice.


The right to reject any or all bids is reserved.


DATED at Victoria, British Columbia

this 4th day of April, 2011.



Rich Coleman

Minister of Energy and Mines