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Shopping Cart Summary

Step 1

All your pending events for which you have not paid will be listed on the "Shppoing Cart Summary" page:

  • Pay and Finish: To pay for the item(s) in the shopping cart click "Next".
  • Add Item: If you wish to carry out another transaction event in MTO and pay for multiple events at once, you may add an item to the shopping cart by clicking "Add item". This will take you back to the "Main Menu" where you can carry out another transaction in MTO.
  • Remove Item: To remove an item from the shopping cart, check the remove box next to it and click "Update".

Select Payment Method

Step 2

You have the following payment options available:

  • The Online Payment option is defaulted for using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Go to Step 4.
  • If you are paying by cash or cheque, choose GARMS with Automatic Check. Go to Step 15.
  • All cheques and money orders for recording fees are made payable to the "Minister of Finance"

Step 3

Click Next.

Online Payment

Note: If a pop-up window appears advising you that you are being re-directed to a secure web site, click Yes.

Step 4

Select the type of credit card.

Step 5

Enter the credit card number. You do not need to enter spaces.

Step 6

Expiry Date. Using the drop down menus, select the expiry month and year of your credit card.

Step 7

Click Pay Now.

Step 8

Approved or Declined. This page will indicate if your payment has been approved.

If Declined You have a couple of options,

  • If you want to retry, please click here This will re-submit the existing payment information that you have already entered.
  • To Select a different payment method, Click here. This will allow you to go back and try a different credit payment card or re-enter using the same card in case you made a typing mistake.
  • Clicking on the Continue button will take you back to the Main Menu.

If Approved You have the option to print the receipt for your records.

  • At the bottom of the approval page there is a Print section. Click on the word here to have a pop-up window open with a printable version of your receipt. Print this opened window. Close window when done. Go to Step 22.

Step 9

Click Continue.

Step 10

Confirmed Events. You have successfully made a payment instead of exploration and development work.

Step 11

You have the option to review the confirmation. Click on the View confirmation link.

Step 12

The confirmation shows the tenure(s) and New Good To Dates. If you wish to print this confirmation page for your records, do so before proceeding. Click Back.

Step 13

Youre done. Click on the Main Menu link to go back to the Main Menu.

Paying by cash or cheque in a Government Agent or Mineral Titles Branch office

Step 14

Choose the middle option (GARMS with Automatic Check).

Step 15

Click Next.

Step 16

Go to the counter and advise the Customer Service Representative (CSR) that you need to pay for your Payment Instead of Exploration and Development Work.

Step 17

The CSR will enter your fees into the government financial system and provide you with a receipt. Take your receipt back to the computer you are using.

Step 18"

Enter the Authorization Number. You will find this number printed on the receipt.

Step 19

Enter the amount paid.

Step 20

Click Next.

Step 21

Go to Step 10 above. If you get an error message, advise CSR at the counter for further instructions

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