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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



Petroleum Titles System (PTS) Web is a new web-based application recently implemented by the Oil and Gas Titles Branch to provide industry and the public with direct access to its database of active Crown oil and gas titles.  All reports available through PTS Web are free of charge.  Reports are in text-only format to maximize response times and facilitate easy copy/paste operations on almost any platform.

There kinds of reports can be requested through PTS Web:

1.   Client Info Query

This report is displayed on-screen and begins with the contact information on record for the selected titleholder followed by a one-line profile of each active oil and gas tenure in which the titleholder has an interest.  Tenure profiles include nine fields describing the origin of each title, its type and its current status.

2.   Quick Title Query

This report is presented on-screen in a fashion similar to the existing title search letter.  A Quick Title Query report provides detailed information on a single oil and gas title, including:

  • title type and origin;
  • registered holders and interests;
  • term, area (ha.), and general location (NTS);
  • issuance, effective, and expiry dates;
  • tract descriptions (locations and rights);
  • caveats;
  • rental payment and continuation history;
  • associated tenure areas (pools), unit agreements, and royalty agreements;
  • associated wells;
  • ownership transfer history; and,
  • title encumbrance history.

3.   Multiple Title Report

The Multiple Title Report contains the same information as the Quick Title Query report, but allows the user to search up to 40 titles at one time.  Results are not displayed on-screen, but are e-mailed to the user as individual text-file attachments.

The Oil and Gas Titles Branch will continue to offer title search letters to clients requiring certified documents or those wishing to research cancelled titles.

PTS Web can be accessed from the “Other Services” section of the Petroleum Titles Online main page, located at the following link:

Patrick O’Rourke
Assistant Deputy Minister
Titles and Offshore Division
October 18, 2007

For further information contact:
Terrence Branscombe
Manager, Tenure Administration
Oil and Gas Titles Branch
Titles and Offshore Division
Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources
6th floor, 1810 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 9N3
Telephone:  (250) 952-0340
Facsimile:  (250) 952-0331