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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Aggregate Operators Handbook (PDF)

Aggregate Operators Best Management Practices Handbook for British Columbia
April  2002


NOTE:  These documents are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.0.  If you need to update your version of Acrobat Reader, please download the latest version now.

For your convenience, the Handbook is presented in two formats:


1.  One document in two parts (Volumes I and II), fully downloadable WITHOUT active links (low resolution for easy data transfer) in PDF format.

2.  Segmented document with active links and higher resolution graphics, downloadable by chapter or section (see all links below) in PDF format.


1.  I want to download the WHOLE document in two sections only.

NOTE:  These documents are each over 1,000 KB (large) and will download quite slowly, especially over a modem.

Volume I - Introduction and Planning 1250.80KB
Volume II - Best Management Practices 1519.72KB


2.  I want to download the document in segments according to my particular area of interest.


Publication Cover Page  ( 11kB) 1 page

Table of Contents  ( 36kB)

2 pages
Foreword  ( 17kB)
4 pages
Part I
Chapter 1. Introduction  ( 138kB)                                                                    3 pages
Chapter 2. Common Community and Environmental Concerns  ( 624kB)  12 pages
Chapter 3. Players, Permits & Legislation  ( 480kB)   15 pages
Part II
Chapter 4. Mine Planning  ( 658kB)   10 pages
Chapter 5. Planning Modules
5-1 Extraction Module  ( 334kB)     8 pages
5-2 Processing Module  ( 299kB)     6 pages
5-3 Stockpiling Module  ( 286kB)     5 pages
5-4 Traffic Module  ( 299kB)         6 pages
5-5 Stormwater & Erosion Control Module  ( 366kB)       7 pages
5-6 Byproduct & Waste Management Module  ( 320kB)      8 pages
5-7 Site Layout Module  ( 657kB)   

Dust Module
Visual Landscape Module

20 pages
5-8 Risk Management Module  ( 779kB)   

Emergency and Spill Response
Employee Training
Identifying Potential Environmental Issues
Community Relations

22 pages
5-9 BMP Monitoring Module  ( 254kB)   5 pages
Chapter 6. Reclamation  ( 174kB) 3 pages
Chapter 7. Best Management Practices  ( 144kB)   

Chart 1 ( 97kB) 
Chart 2
( 82kB) 

3 pages
Backfilling  ( 163kB) 
Berm  ( 171kB) 
Bioengineering  ( 183kB) 
Buffer Zone  ( 233kB) 
Check Dam  ( 241)
Constructed Wetlands  ( 324kB) 
Ditches  ( 174kB) 
Drop Height  ( 130kB) 
Dust Skirt  ( 150kB) 
Environmental Timing Windows  ( 194kB) 
Equipment Selection  ( 148kB) 
Erosion Control Blanket  ( 193kB) 
Fences  ( 148kB) 
French Drain  (PDF 176kB) 
Grading  ( 214kB) 
Haul Road  ( 204kB) 
Lighting Management  ( 145kB) 
Material Corrals  ( 169kB) 
Oil/Water Separator  ( 161kB) 
Outlet Protection  ( 165kB) 
Pollution Prevention  ( 166kB) 
Retention Basin  ( 211kB) 
Scheduled Maintenance  ( 153kB) 
Settling Pond  ( 171kB) 
Signage  ( 195kB) 
Silt Fence  ( 187kB) 
Sinking the Plant  ( 149kB) 
Slope Drain  ( 172kB) 
Street Cleaning  ( 139kB) 
Tarp  ( 146kB) 
Tillage  ( 199kB) 
Topsoil Management  ( 218kB) 
Vegetation Cover  ( 200kB) 
Vibration Reduction  ( 135kB) 
Water Spray  ( 221kB) 
Wheel Washer  ( 158kB) 
Wind Protection  ( 160kB) 

Appendix 1 - Aggregate Glossary  ( 99kB)    
Appendix 2 - Life Cycles of Fish  ( 117kB)       
Appendix 3 - Recommended Readings and Internet Resources  ( 156kB)   
Appendix 4 - Aggregate and Government Acronyms  ( 68kB)      


6 pages
5 pages
5 pages
2 pages

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For questions or more information on aggregates and aggregate operators in British Columbia contact Minerals, Oil and Gas Branch


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