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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


Aggregate Forum - 1995


Developing an Inventory that Works for You!

The Aggregate Forum and Workshop was held March 30-31, 1995, in Richmond, British Columbia. The first day comprised an open forum, with 104 participants attending, all having an interest in the aggregate industry of British Columbia. Fifteen talks were presented dealing with the aggregate market in Canada and the U.S.A, aggregate geology and inventory in British Columbia, the management of aggregate resources, and methods of mapping and assessing aggregate resource potential. The second day consisted of a workshop with a smaller group of about forty participants.


The proceedings of the forum are published in hardcopy as:


Bobrowsky, P.T., Massey, N.W.D. and Matysek, P.F. (1996): Aggregate Forum: Developing an Inventory that Works for You!, Report of Proceedings; B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Information Circular 1996-6


WWW version of the Forum Proceedings


Overview Report and Appendices 1-4


IntroductionPaul Matysek and Peter Bobrowsky (Environmental Geology Section, Geological Survey Branch (GSB))


Geologic and Societal Aspects of Natural Aggregate Resources and Their Development in Canada and the United States: Bill Langer (Senior Aggregate Geologist, United States Geological Survey)


Economics of the Aggregate Market: Richard Poulin (Professor - Mining and Mineral Process Engineering, University of British Columbia)


Construction Aggregates: National and Regional TrendsOliver Vagt (Analyst - Industrial Minerals Division, Natural Resources Canada)


The Geology of Aggregate Deposits in British Columbia: Peter Bobrowsky (Senior Quaternary Geologist, Environmental Geology Section, GSB)


A Status Report for the Supply of Aggregates in British Columbia: Barry Irvine (Aggregate Producer - Construction Aggregates Ltd.)


Planning for Aggregate Resource Extraction: Putting the Inventory into a Context: Doug Baker (Professor - Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Northern British Columbia)


Aggregate Resources of the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland Market, B.C.: Problems and Future Outlook: Dan Hora (Industrial Mineral Specialist - Economic Geology Section, GSB)


Successful Integration of Aggregate Data in Land-Use Planning: a California case study: David Beeby (Assistant State Geologist - California Geological Survey)


Aggregate Resource Management in Ontario: Ray Pichette (Director of Aggregate Resources - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)


Ensuring Ongoing Economic Sources of Highway Construction Aggregate Through a Gravel Resource Management Program: Stephen Lee (Manager - Properties Branch, Ministry of Transportation & Highways)


A Planner's Perspective on Local Aggregate Issues: Don Buchanan (Planner - Coquitlam)


Mineral Aggregate Map Case Study, Alberta: Dixon Edwards (Senior Aggregate Geologist - Alberta Energy)


Three-Part Surficial Aggregate Assessment: James Bliss (Senior Aggregate Geologist - USGS)


Modeling Aggregate Resource Potential, Vancouver Island, B.C.: Gavin Manson (Graduate Student - School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria)


Appendix 1:  General Session:  Program and Abstracts, Thursday, March 30, 1995 (5.6 MB)


The ideas and recommendations presented in these abstracts are the views of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the official policies of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.