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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Nick Massey, P.Geo.

Emeritus Scientist with BC Geological Survey
    (Vancouver Island Geology specialist)



BSc in Earth Sciences, University of Leeds, UK

PhD, McMaster University 


Career History:


Nick began his career in industrial minerals and regional mapping in Botswana for three years before moving to Canada to earn his Doctorate in Geology. Upon graduation, Nick then returned to Africa to teach at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria for a short time. When he returned to Canada, Nick was involved with the Ontario Geological Survey for two years doing field work and mapping. In 1984, Nick moved to the west coast to take up a post-doc at the Pacific Geoscience Centre.  Nick was hired by the BC Geological Survey, in 1986, as a regional mapper working on the Sicker Project.  This was the start of becoming one of the experts on the geology of Vancouver Island. He later became compilation specialist, using existing data to create a more complete and useful picture of BC’s geology and mineral deposits. In recent years, Nick returned to doing active field research in southern BC.


Work Profile:


Nick is currently engrossed in field and mapping studies of the bedrock in Southern BC, specifically in the Boundary District and Princeton areas.




Field work and mapping of bedrock, Geochemistry of volcanic rocks, Digital compilation of geoscience information.




Digital compilation Geologist - BC Geology Map and mineral potential; Recognized authority on Vancouver Island geology and Insular Belt tectonics.


BC Geographic Areas of Expertise:


Southern BC and Vancouver Island.


Recent Projects:


BC Geology Map, Public Education, Bedrock field studies and mapping in the Boundary District and Princeton areas.


Recent Successes:


Digital Geology map compilation of the province, Boundary District - Open File Maps have been released for the Rock Creek, McKinley Creek and Beaverdell areas. 
Princeton area - Open File Maps for Eastgate-Whipsaw area and the Granite Creek area.




Gardening, choral singing, walking, travel.