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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review




Mitchell G. Mihalynuk, P.Geo


Mitch is a Senior Geologist in the Cordilleran Geoscience Section of the BC Geological Survey. Mitch has completed mapping projects in the Haines Triangle (Windy Craggy), Llewellyn gold belt, Tulsequah VMS camp and the Atlin and Dease gold camps and the Iskut gold-VMS-porphyry belts of northern BC.  Experience in the BC Interior Plateau includes the Chilcotin River region and Alkalic porphyry belts around Afton-Ajax and Mount Polley, among others.  His emphasis is on structural and volcano-stratigraphic controls to mineralization. Mitch is currently integrated with the Geological Survey of Canada's Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals, EDGES Program.

Area of Expertise:


Geological mapping and resource evaluation with 25 years of experience in British Columbia; recognized authority on the remote and mountainous northwestern quadrant of the province.  Particular interest in the geological setting of volcanogenic massive sulphide, lode gold and porphyry deposits.  Consistent project successes have arisen from assembly of highly motivated project teams that excel in adversity.


Current Focus: 


Geo-Mapping for Minerals (EDGES), Iskut Project, co-delivered with the Geological Survey of Canada.


Past Projects:


Delivered mapping and mineral potential programs for the northern Haines triangle (host to the supermassive Windy Craggy deposit), Llewellyn gold belt (Engineer, New Polaris), Tulsequah VMS camp (Tulsequah Chief, Big Bull); Atlin and Dease gold camps, Quesnel alkalic porphyry belt (Afton, Ajax, Mount Polley); Interior Plateau (mineral potential recon in Beetle Impacted Zone); Iskit River area (Rock and Roll precious metal-rich VMS and alkalic porphyries).


Associated Experience:


Application of structural, geochemical, microthermo-barometric, and isotopic tools to polydeformed and polymetamorphosed terranes.  Proficient in computer applications (Manifold ® GIS, Relational DataBase Management Systems). Mapping in tropical environments (SW Pacific, Mexico, equatorial Africa).  


Mihalynuk Publications:


Publications List (PDF, 217 KB)


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