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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review




Larry D Jones, P.Geo.


Job title: Director Resource Information


Larry provides leadership and vision to the development and management of the BC Geological Survey geoscience information.  Larry guides a professional, well-integrated, multidisciplinary team in the design, development and distribution of various geoscience databases and applications.



Carleton University (B.Sc., 1974)

University of Victoria (CBA, 1995)



Larry worked with the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources and the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa from 1975 to 1980 in mineral inventory, mapping in Manitoba, and uranium resource evaluation in Western Canada and Arctic Islands.  From 1980 to 1986, Larry worked in uranium and metal exploration with Alberta Energy Company in Calgary, PNC Exploration in Vancouver and NWT, and Pemgold Resources in the Lillooet area. 


In 1986, Larry joined the BCGS, working with database and system development of mineral inventory for MINFILE.  This was followed by leading a team in the design, development and marketing of MapPlace, an internet-based geographic information system providing access to BC geospatial data to diverse client groups.  Larry delivered several workshops, presentations and technical papers, on design and use of the MapPlace, MINFILE and other Provincial databases to national and international audiences. From 1990 to 1993, Larry was a consultant with the International Atomic Energy Agency on "Geological Data Management, Data Exchange and National Mineral Inventory”. This resulted in a technical document entitled "Guidelines for the organization and management of earth science data on a personal computer", developed in Vienna, and delivering a 10-day training course in Lusaka, Zambia to 20 participants from 12 African countries.


In 2008, Larry took over the role of Director Resource Information. The BCGS is the custodian of Province-wide geological data, including bedrock and surficial geology, mineral occurrences, exploration reports and multi-element geochemistry. This information resides in web-based databases that are integrated with MapPlace, which allows clients to browse, visualize, and analyze multidisciplinary geoscience data.  Larry directs projects on the design and delivery of these databases and applications, implementation, documentation and evaluation of computer software applications.