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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Contact Details by Name

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Mailing Address:
PO Box 9333 Stn Prov Gov't
Victoria, B.C., V8W 9N3

Fax: (250) 952-0381
Call Toll Free in B.C.

Geological Survey E-mail 


Office Location:
Jack Davis Building
5th Floor, 1810 Blanshard St.,
Victoria, B.C.


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Title Telephone
Ministry of Energy and Mines
Chief Geologist’s Office
Rowins, Steve Chief Geologist; Bio  (250) 952-0374
Aspler, Lawrence

Science Editor


(250) 952-0391
Mitchell, Melanie Administrative Assistant and Branch Coordinator; Bio (250) 952-0372
Resource Information
Jones, Larry Director, Resource Information; Bio (250) 952-0386
Hancock, Kirk MapPlace Resource Geoscientist; Bio (250) 952-0433
Cui, Yao Senior Geomatics Geoscientist; Bio (250) 952-0440
Meredith-Jones, Sarah MINFILE - Mineral Inventory Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0221
Miller, Deanna GIS Geoscientist; Bio (250) 952-0395
DeGroot, Laura ARIS/MINFILE Database; Bio  (250) 952-0387
Fuller, Ted Assessment Report Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0390
Norris, Jessica Mineral and Coal Assessment Report Geoscientist; Bio (250) 952-0425
Zhao, Steven GIS Geoscientist; Bio (250) 952-0326
Cordilleran Geoscience
Hickin, Adrian Director, Cordilleran Geoscience; Bio (250) 953-3801
Diakow, Larry Metals Senior Project Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0430
Ferbey, Travis Quaternary Geologist; Bio (250) 953-3773
Arnold, Holly Geomorphology and GIS specialist; Bio

              (250) 952-0304

Han, Tian Senior Digital Information Geoscientist; Bio (250) 952-0436
Lett, Ray, Emeritus Scientist Geochemist,
Regional Geochem Surveys; Bio
Massey, Nick, Emeritus Scientist Mapping Project Geoscientist; Bio
Mihalynuk, Mitch Mapping Senior Project Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0431
Nelson, JoAnne Northern BC Manager and Senior Mineral Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0438
Nixon, Graham Mapping Senior Project Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0448
Ootes, Luke Senior Minerals Geologist (Gold Metallogeny); Bio

(250) 387-2021

Riddell, Janet Senior Minerals Coal Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0434
Rukhlov, Alexei

Senior Geochemist;


(250) 952-0396
Schiarizza, Paul Mapping Senior Project Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0434
Simandl, George Industrial Minerals Geologist; Bio (250) 952-0413

Mineral Development Office 300 - 865 Hornby Street Vancouver B.C.  

(604) 660-2653 Fax

Clarke, Gordon

Director; Bio 

(604) 660-2094

Northcote, Bruce (FLNRO) Regional Geologist; Bio (604) 660-2713
Rai, Manpreet Administrative Assistant; Bio (604) 660-3322
Song, Tim Geological Assistant; Bio (604) 660-2708


Regional Offices - Ministry of Energy and Mines

Britton, Jim Regional Geologist
(250) 371-3903
Jago, Paul   Regional Geologist
Prince George
(250) 565-4132
Katay, Fiona Regional Geologist
(250) 426-1758
Kyba, Jeff  Regional Geologist
(250) 847-7787