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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review




Kirk Hancock


Kirk is the MapPlace Resource Geoscientist in the Resource Information Section of the BC Geological Survey.



Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in Geology, University of British Columbia


Career History:  

Kirk joined the Geological Survey Branch directly out of university first as a Geoscience Assistant, and later as a Junior Geologist, doing field studies and mapping of mineral deposits throughout the province. After ten years, Kirk left the government to pursue opportunities in industry. During the next five years, he was a project geologist, exploration manager and consultant in the private sector.  He traveled to Central Honduras to look at gold skarns, to Tonopah Nevada to work on disseminated gold deposits and finally to Chihuahua City, Mexico where he was looking for lead/zinc manto deposits. In 2005, Kirk returned to the BC Government as the MINFILE Geologist responsible for updating the mineral inventory file of the province. Since then, he has also become involved in providing Mineral Land Assessments for Treaty Negotiations and other land use initiatives.  


Work Profile:  

Currently Kirk is a MapPlace Geoscientist with a broad range of responsibilities. He is responsible for the Property File System; a digital record of information such as maps and field notes associated with historic mineral exploration and/or mining. He leads MINFILE operations and is responsible for mineral land assessments required to be able to make effective land use decisions. With his broad background, Kirk provides extensive support to clients with their questions. 



Geologist, generalist, mineral assessments, industrial minerals, economic geology.



Project management, exploration industry, computer systems management.


BC Geographic Areas of Expertise:

Horsefly to Quesnel,  Snippakar Creek to Johnny Mountain, Tulsequah Area, Rocky Mountains near Radium Hot Springs and south to Cranbrook.


External Publications link: 



Recent Projects:  

Lead on the design and delivery of Property File, standardized the writing of Mineral Land Assessments for treaty settlements, and facilitated exploration activity tracking.



Kirk enjoys carpentry which he puts to use around the house. Kirk is a self-described hockey junkie and participates in a noon-time league.  He is a Cub leader for a very large and active pack of 8-10 year old boys and in his spare time Kirk is very busy with his young family.