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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review




JoAnne Nelson, M.Sc.


Job title: Emeritus Scientist

Continuing studies aimed at solving orogen-scale tectonic and metallogenetic puzzles in northwestern BC; collaboration and mentoring.



University of Washington (B.Sc., 1973)
University of British Columbia (M.Sc., 1976)



JoAnne served a distiinguished 31 year career as a project geologist with the BCGS. Her primary area of expertise is the tectonics and metallogeny of the Cordillera of northern British Columbia, developed over 30 years of detailed field studies throughout the region, from the Rocky Mountains through the inner accreted terranes (Yukon-Tanana, Quesnellia, Stikinia) to the Insular terranes of the coast. She has also developed expertise in aspects of the tectonic evolution of the BC-Yukon-Alaskan Cordillera as a whole. Her most recent project (2013-2017) involved structural and geochronological studies of the Mesozoic porphyry belt of the Golden Triangle.


She is the recipient of the 2016 Gold Pick Award from the Kamloops Exploration Group, a 2016 Special Tribute from Association for Mineral Exploration BC, and the 2017 Canadian Provincial/Territorial Geologist of the Year Medal.