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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review




George J. Simandl, P.Geo


George is a Senior Minerals Geologist in the Cordilleran Geoscience Section of the BC Geological Survey. George is the BCGS industrial mineral and gemstone specialist.


Area of Expertise:


Geology and markets of industrial minerals, gemstone and high-technology metals.


Current Focus:  

  • Geology of Industrial Minerals & Gemstones
  • Document selected industrial mineral discoveries
  • Marketing BC industrial mineral resources
  • Monitor Industrial Mineral Exploration & Development

Past Projects:


Focused studies: wollastonite, graphite, talc, andalusite, kyanite, garnet, dimension and crushed stone, perlite, vermiculite, magnesite, hydromagnesite, high-calcium carbonate, dolomite, leonardite, diatomite, bentonite/clay, silica, olivine, zeolites garnet and clay.


Sector studies: minerals for environmental applications, value-added products, paper/plastic fillers, refractory and energy-intensive minerals.


Gemstones: jade, precious opal, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, rhodonite, cordierite etc.


High-tech metals: niobium, tantalum, berylium & REE.


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Associated Experience:

  • 24 years of industry & government experience.
  • Adjunct professor University of Victoria.
  • Past President Industrial Minerals Division CIM.
  • Lectures and short courses on industrial minerals.
  • Organizer of the 37th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals.
  • Technical editor: "Industrial Minerals in Canada", CIM Spec. Vol. #53.
  • Over 100 publications in Industrial Minerals field.