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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



Gabe Fortin, P.Geo.

Job title: Geomatics Geoscientist


Gabe is primarily responsible for producing and delivering geoscience data through our MapPlace web service.



University of Alberta (B.Sc., 2007)



Before joining the BCGS in 2016, Gabe worked in the mineral exploration industry. He spent over 10 years at Aurora Geosciences Ltd. as a geologist and project manager. During that time he designed and managed many base metal, precious metal and diamond exploration programs in western and northern Canada, Alaska, and Nevada. In recent years, Gabe has focused on designing and using database-GIS integration to optimize data flow, from entry to use.


At the BCGS, Gabe is responsible for producing, standardizing and delivering geoscience data through our MapPlace web service. He liaises with industry, the general public and government clients to maximize efficient and effective use of our geoscience databases. This includes providing assistance and formal training to clients as well as the selection, development and implementation of new tools and systems.