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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Interior Plateau Geoscience Project:  Summary of Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Studies (NTS 092N; 092O; 093B; 093C; 093F; 093G; 093K)

Paper 1997 - 2

(Also available as GSC Open File 3448)

by L.J. Diakow, P. Metcalfe and J. Newell, 1996


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256 pages


This volume contains 12 reports which summarize results from a variety of geological studies conducted in selected localities of the vast Interior Plateau region that lies south of the Nechako Reservoir, west of the Fraser River and east of the Coast Mountains in central British Columbia.  The Interior Plateau Project was initiated in 1992, conducted under the auspices of the Mineral Development Agreement (1991-1995), and involved geoscientists from the British Columbia Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Canada.


The project included mineral deposit studies, bedrock and surficial mapping, till and lake sediment geochemistry, biogeochemistry, airborne magnetic, gamma-ray spectrometric and electromagnetic surveys.  They were designed to improve understanding of the geology and mineral deposits, test and develop exploration techniques suited for drift covered terrain, and provide an up to date assessment of the mineral potential of the Interior Plateau region.



Table of Contents:

L.J. Diakow, P. Van der Heyden and P. Metcalfe; pages 1-6 (PDF, 2.8MB)


Geology of the Fawnie and Nechako Ranges, Southern Nechako Plateau, Central British Columbia (93F/2,3,6,7)
L.J. Diakow, I.C.L. Webster, T.A. Richards and H.W. Tipper; pages 7-30 (PDF, 11.2MB)


Physical and Chemical Volcanology of the Eocene Mount Clisbako Volcano, Central British Columbia (93B/12,13; 93C/9,16)
P. Metcalfe, T.A. Richards, M.E. Villeneuve, J.M. White and C.J. Hickson; pages 31-61 (PDF, 12.7MB)


Geology of the Tatlayoko Lake - Beece Creek Area (92N/8,9,10; 92O/5,6,12)
P. Schiarizza; pages 63-101 (PDF, 18.0MB)


Geology of the Tatla Lake and the East Half of Bussel Creek Map Areas (092N/15, 092N/14)
P.S. Mustard and P. van der Heyden; pages 103-118 (PDF, 6.2MB)


Quaternary Geology and Till Geochemistry Studies in the Nechako and Fraser Plateaus, Central British Columbia (93C/1,8,9,10; 93F/2,3,7; 93L/16; 93M/1)
V.M. Levson and T.R. Giles; pages 121-147 (PDF, 10.5MB)


Reconnaissance Till Geochemistry on the Chilcotin Plateau (92O/5 and O/12)
A. Plouffe; pages 147-157 (PDF, 3.7MB)


Drift Prospecting Activites in British Columbia: An Overview with Emphasis on the Interior Plateau
D.E. Kerr and V.M. Levson; pages 159-172 (PDF, 6.3MB)


Regional and Property-scale Application of Lake Sediment Geochemistry in the Search for Buried Mineral Deposits in the Southern Nechako Plateau Area, British Columbia (93C,E,F,K,L)
S.J. Cook; pages 175-203 (PDF, 15.0MB)


Biogeochemical Surveys in the Interior Plateau of British Columbia
C.E. Dunn; pages 205-218 (PDF, 4.5MB)


High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Survey - Interior Plateau, British Columbia
D. Teskey, P. Stone, P. Mustard and P. Metcalfe; pages 221-224 (PDF, 1.7MB)


Electromagnetic Mapping in Drift Covered Regions of the Nechako Plateau, British Columbia (93F/2, 3, 6, 7)
M.E. Best, V.M. Levson and L.J. Diakow; pages 225-234 (PDF, 3.6MB)


A Review of Metallic Mineralization in the Interior Plateau, Central British Columbia (parts of 93B,C,F)
R.A. Lane and T.G. Schroeter; pages 237-256 (PDF, 8.5MB)


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