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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Leadtable: A Galena Lead Isotope Database for the Canadian Cordillera,
with a Guide to its Use by Explorationists


Paper 1988 - 4

by C.I. Godwin, J.E. Gabites and A. Andrew
Department of Geological Sciences, The University of British Columbia


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The purpose of this paper is to make galena lead isotope data, and techniques for their interpretation, accessible to explorationists active or interested in the Canadian Cordillera. A concise introduction to theory, models and analytical procedures related to lead isotopes is presented. A collection of readily available data for deposits in the Canadian Cordillera is tabulated and documented. The data tables are available as an MS Access database.


The study of galena lead isotopes at the University of British Columbia goes back nearly thirty years. Early work, in the Geophysics Department, concentrated on measurement technology and global evolution models. Researchers of the current generation in the Department of Geological Sciences have concentrated on understanding models of lead isotope evolution within the major tectonic terranes of the Canadian Cordillera.


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