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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Reclamation of Lands Disturbed by Mining

Proceedings of the Sixth Annual British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium, Vernon, B.C. March 10-12, 1982

Paper 1983 - 2

Sponsored by Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation, British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and the Mining Association of British Columbia

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This paper includes the following articles in this order:

  • Planning for Post-Mining Reclamation within a Forest Management Area, Obed-Marsh Project, Hinton, Alberta by Eric Beresford.
  • Reclamation Monitoring at the Judy Creek Test Pit Site by Al Kennedy
  • Managing Environmental Requirements for New Mine Developments in British Columbia by R.A. Hawes, Norecol Environmental Consultants Ltd. and J.W. Gadsby, Thurber Consultants Ltd.
  • Water Management for Mines by Y. Fellman, Water Management Branch, Ministry of Environment
  • Mountain Road Rehabilitation at Sunshine Village Ski Area by J. Buckingham, W. Bates, Sunshine Village
  • Rehabilitation of Disturbed Forest Land by S.G. Homoky, Research Branch, Ministry of Forests
  • Reclamation Budgeting and Costs in Coal Exploration - Panel Discussion
  • Crows Nest Resources Limited Experience by E.W. Fabro and R. Aiello
  • Gulf Canada Resources Experience by G. Hellyer
  • Fording Coal Limited Experience by R.J. Berdusco
  • Reclamation of Mineral Exploration Areas by J.C. Errington
  • Control of Vegetation Damage by Small Rodents on Reclaimed Land by J.E. Green, LGL Limited
  • Line Creek Management Philosophy and the Environment by Don Riva and Jim Lant, Line Creek Mine
  • Workshop on Public Involvement in Resource Development by Bruce Fraser, Ministry of Forests
  • Report of the Awards Subcommittee, Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation
  • An Integrated Reclamation Management Plan for the Highland Valley Mining Complex by C.J. Lloyd, UBC
  • Revegetation Trials at Sukunka Coal Mine by D.F. Polster, Norecol Environmental Consultants and R.M. Redgate, B.P. Exploration Canada
  • The Availability and Procurement of Native Seed Sources Suitable for Alpine and Mountain Reclamation by J. Weijer and D.L. Weijer, Department of Genetics, University of Alberta
  • Use of Vegetation Survey Data in Reclamation by E.C. Lea, Terrestrial Studies Branch, Ministry of Environment
  • Reclamation Research at B.C. Coal by David F. Fraser, Department of Biology, University of Victoria

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