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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Reclamation of Lands Disturbed by Mining

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium, Vernon, B.C., March 5-7, 1980

Paper 1980 - 11

Sponsored by Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation, British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and the Mining Association of British Columbia

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This paper includes the following articles in this order:

  • Properties of Soils and their Implications in the Reclamation of Lands Disturbed by Mining by Paul A. Christie, Talisman Land Resource Consultants
  • Assessment of Mine Spoil for the Establishment of Vegetation by S.E. Ames, Department of Soil Science, UBC and Talisman Land Resource Consultants
  • Fertilizers and Soil Amendments in Mine Reclamation by A.A. Bomke, Department of Soil Sciences, UBC
  • Stability and Economic Considerations in Dump Development by D. Campbell, Golder Associates
  • Water Quality and its Control in Mining Areas by H. Howie, Waste Management Branch, Ministry of Environment
  • Waste Dump Development at Kaiser Resources Ltd., Ricci Berdusco, Kaiser Resources Ltd., C. Pelletier, Utah Mines Ltd.
  • Environmental and Engineering Considerations for Waste Dump Designs at the Fording River Operation by D.P. Lane, Fording Coal Ltd.
  • Irrigation Equipment and Design of Irrigation Systems by Ted Van der Gulik, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Use of Agronomic Species in Mine Land Reclamation by A. Richardson, Richardsons Seeds
  • Use of Native Species in Mine Land Reclamation by V.C. Brink, UBC
  • Propagation of Native Trees and Shrubs for Reclamation Use by D. Christie, Reid, Collins & Associates

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