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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Basal till potential of the Anahim Lake map area (NTS 093C/06)


BCGS Open File 2017-02


(also Geoscience BC Map 2017-02-01)


by  D. Sacco, H. Arnold, T. Ferbey, and W. Jackaman 


Mainly drift covered and with sparse outcrop, the Anahim Lake area remains underexplored despite being underlain by the Stikine terrane island-arc assemblage, which has high potential for mineralization. Basal tills have a relatively simple transport and depositional history, thus are an ideal sampling media to explore for buried deposits. This basal till potential map is designed to help plan exploration projects in drift-covered areas by guiding surficial sediment geochemistry and mineralogy sampling programs to where basal till is most likely to occur.


Work in the Anahim Lake map area is part of Geoscience BC's Targeting Resources for Exploration and Knowledge (TREK) project. The basal till potential map presented here is one of a series of 16 maps that were completed for the TREK geochemical program (see index map below).


Download map 1:50 000 scale  (PDF, 31.3 MB)


Download basal till potential polygon shapefile (ZIP, 14 MB)





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