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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

2016 Open Files

Open File #


2016-1 Selected exploration projects and operating mines in British Columbia, 2015 by G. Clarke, J. Britton, P. Jago, F. Katay, J. Kyba, and B. Northcote
2016-2 An index of base and precious metal regional- to property-scale subglacial till geochemical and mineralogical surveys in British Columbia (updated August 2017) by A.L. Bustard and T. Ferbey


British Columbia surficial geology map index (updated January, 2018) by Holly Arnold and Travis Ferbey

2016-4 Ice-flow indicator compilation, British Columbia and Yukon by H. Arnold, T. Ferbey, and A.S. Hickin
2016-5 Geometry and valley-fill stratigraphic framework for aquifers in the Groundbirch paleovalley assessed through shallow seismic and ground-based electromagnetic surveys by Adrian S. Hickin, Melvyn E. Best, and André Pugin