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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

British Columbia Surficial Geology Map Index


BCGS Open File 2013-09


updated January, 2015


This publication has been superseded by BCGS Open File 2016-03

by Holly Arnold and Travis Ferbey


This publication is released in PDF, ESRI Geodatabase, ESRI Map Package, Shapefile, and KMZ formats.


Presented here is a surficial geology map index for British Columbia. The maps indexed were produced by the British Columbia Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), and Geoscience BC.  We included only those maps available for digital download.  Each map is represented by the actual map extent rather than a bounding box or NTS sheet that it falls within.  The index provides an accurate representation of the areal extent of surficial geology mapping for British Columbia.
The index is presented by map scale.  In the digital versions of this index, advanced searches can be conducted on fields such as author, source type (data available in digital or PDF form), or source series (Preliminary maps to A Series or Geoscience maps). Publication page URLs are supplied for each map from which the source files, PDFs or digital data can be downloaded.  Also included is supplemental information about where data were derived and/or used elsewhere. Instances of this would be when an author published a map that was then revised and published as a GSC A Series map or when a map was used in a subsequent compilation. In such cases, not only are the publication numbers provided for these other maps, but links to their publication pages as well. This enables users to see all sources of the same data. In some cases original mapping is only available as a PDF but a subsequent map or compilation has made it available as an attributed vector file (e.g., shapefile).


Download PDF (ZIP, 4 MB)

Download KMZ (ZIP, 2.2 MB)


Download ESRI Map Package (ZIP, MPK, 25 MB)


Download ESRI Geodatabase (ZIP, GDB, 34 MB)


Download Shapefiles (ZIP, SHP, 16 MB) 


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