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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Ice-Flow Indicator Compilation, British Columbia 


BCGS Open File 2013-06


December 12, 2013 update

by Travis Ferbey, Holly Arnold, and Adrian S. Hickin


This compilation consists of over 119,000 ice-flow indicators digitally captured from published and unpublished surficial geology, terrain, glacial features, and bedrock geology maps in British Columbia. Ice-flow indicators include outcrop-scale features such as striations and grooves and landform-scale features such as drumlins and flutes. These data illustrate ice-flow directions for the Cordilleran ice sheet during the Late Pleistocene.  This compilation will be of interest to those seeking to understand ice-flow histories, a critical parameter for interpreting geochemical and mineralogical data from glacially transported sediments typically collected in drift prospecting surveys.  These data will also benefit researchers who are more generally interested in landscape interactions of the Cordilleran ice sheet during the Late Pleistocene and the locations and evolution of ice divides.


In this update, 296 features have been added to the compilation and a shapefile has been added to the datafile.


View sheet 1: Ice-flow compilation map; 1:1 650 000-scale (PDF, 31.3 MB)

View sheet 2: Data sources (PDF, 0.6 MB)

Download datafile (ZIP, 13.7 MB) which includes:

  • Geodatabase of ice-flow indicator compilation
  • Shapefile of ice-flow indicator compilation
  • Symbol set
  • Readme file explaining data fields in geodatabase

For a compilation of British Columbia and Yukon, see:

Arnold, H., Ferbey, T., and Hickin, A.S., 2016.  Ice-flow indicator compilation British Columbia and Yukon. Ministry of Energy and Mines, British Columbia Geological Survey Open File 2016-04; Geological Survey of Canada Open File 8083, scale 1:1,750,000.


Open File 2016-04 can be downloaded at:


For a compilation of the Interior Plateau, see:

Ferbey, T., and Arnold, H., 2013.  Micro- to macro-scale ice-flow indicators for the Interior Plateau, central British Columbia. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas, British Columbia Geological Survey Open File 2013-03, scale 1:900 000


Open File 2013-03 can be downloaded at:


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