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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

2012 Open Files

Open File #


2012-1 Operating Mines and Selected Major Exploration Projects in British Columbia - 2011 by J. Britton, J. DeGrace, D. Grieve, P. Jago, J. Kyba, B. Madu, B. Northcote and R. Chu 
2012-2 Till Geochemistry of the Huckleberry Mine Area, West-Central British Columbia (NTS 093E/11) by T. Ferbey, V.M. Levson and R.E. Lett
2012-4 Dease Lake - Little Tuya River Geology (NTS 104J/08 & 07E) by J.M. Logan, D.P. Moynihan, L.J. Diakow and B.I. van Straaten
2012-5 Geology of the Turnagain Ultramafic Intrusion, Northern British Columbia (parts of NTS 104I/07 and 10) by G.T. Nixon, A.C. Hitchins and G.P. Ross
2012-6 Mesozoic Magmatism and Metalogeny of the Hotailuh Batholith, Northwestern British Columbia by B.I. van Straaten, J.M. Logan, and L.J. Diakow
2012-7 Specialty Metals in Canada by G.J. Simandl, E.A. Prussin, and N. Brown
2012-8 Bedrock geology of the upper Kutcho Creek area (parts of NTS 104-I/01, 02), by P. Schiarizza (also released as Geological Survey of Canada Open File 7234)