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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

2010 Open Files

Open File #


  2010-1 Operating Mines and Selected Major Exploration Projects in British Columbia - 2009 by D. Grieve, B. Madu, B. Northcote, P. Wojdak, J. Fredericks, S. Meredith-Jones and P. Saunders 
2010-2 Communities Benefiting from BC Mineral Exploration Activity in 2009 by B. Northcote, D. Grieve, B. Madu, P. Wojdak, J. Fredericks, P. Saunders and S. Meredith-Jones
2010-3 Geology of Porcher Island and Northern Grenville Channel, Northwestern British Columbia (parts of NTS 103G/15,16,H13,J/1 and J/2) by J. Nelson, B. Mahoney, G. Gehrels and C. van Staal
2010-4 Evidence of Westward Glacial Dispersal Along a Till Geochemical Transect of the Copper Star Cu+/-Mo+/-Au Mineral Occurrence, West-central British Columbia by T. Ferbey and V.M. Levson
2010-5 Biogeochemical Orientation Survey Data from NTS 093F/02 and 07 (Davidson-Blackwater):  Outer bark of lodgepole pine by C. Dunn and V.M. Levson
2010-6 Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Granite Creek Area, British Columbia, (parts of NTS 092H/07; 092H/10), 1:30 000 scale by N.W.D. Massey and S.L. Oliver
2010-7 Till Geochemistry of the Nadina River Map Area (093E/15), West-Central British Columbia by T. Ferbey
2010-8 Surficial Geology of the Komie Creek Area (NTS 094P/05) by T.E. Demchuk
2010-9 Geochemical Exploration Pathfinders to Drift Covered Copper-gold Sulphide Mineralization in central British Columbia by R. Lett
2010-10 International Workshop Geology of Rare Metals: Abstract Volume edited by G.J. Simandl and D.V. Lefebure