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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

2009 Open Files

Open File #


2009-1 Operating Mines and Selected Major Exploration Projects in British Columbia - 2008 by J. DeGrace, D. Grieve, B. Madu, B. Northcote, P. Wojdak, J. Fredericks K. Cobb
2009-2 Communities Benefiting from B.C. Mineral Exploration Activity in 2008 by B. Northcote, J. DeGrace, B. Madu, P. Wojdak, K. Cobb and S. Meredith-Jones 
2009-3 Geology of the Murphy Lake Area (NTS 093A/03) by P. Schiarizza, K. Bell and S. Bayliss
2009-4 Till Geochemical Exploration Targets, Babine Porphyry Copper Belt, Central British Columbia by T. Ferbey, V.M. Levson, and R.E. Lett
2009-5 Surficial Geology of the Redstone Area (NTS093B/04) by K.J. Vickers and T. Ferbey
2009-6 Geology of the Chilanko Forks and Southern Clusko River Map Areas (NTS 093C/01 & 09 South by M.G Mihalynuk, E.A. Orovan, J.P. Larocque, T. Bachiu and J. Wardle
2009-7 Geology of the Wolverine River Area, Peace River Coalfield (NTS 093P/03, 093I/14) by A. Legun
2009-8 Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Whipsaw Creek-Eastgate-Wolfe Creek Area, British Columbia, (parts of NTS 092H/01W, 02E, 07E, 08W) by N.W.D. Massey, J.M.S. Vineham and S.L. Oliver
2009-9 Till Geochemical Exploration Targets, Redstone and Loomis Lake Map Areas (NTS 093B/04 and 05), Central British Columbia by T. Ferbey
2009-10 Geology of the Quesnel River area, central British Columbia Mapping and compilation by J.M. Logan, D.P. Moynihan, G. Leroux and L. Able, MEMPR. Geochronology by T.D. Ullrich and R. Friedman, The University of British Columbia
2009-11 Saltspring Island Geology adjoining quadrants of NTS 092B/11,12,13&14 by H.J. Greenwood with M.G. Mihalynuk
2009-12 BCGS Open House 2009 Presentations presented by D. Lefebure & J. Fredericks, L. Jones, S. Rowins, R.E. Lett, F. Ferri and P. Schiarizza