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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

BCMEMPR Open File 2007-10

Nechako NATMAP Project:  A Digital Suite of Geoscience Information for Central British Columbia
(NTS Map Sheets 093N, 093K, 093F, 093G/W, 093L/9,16, & 093M/1,2,7,8)

GSC Open File 5623

by L.C. Struik, D.G. MacIntyre and S.P. Williams


Open File 2007-10, a collection of digital geoscience information, was produced by members of the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS), universities and industry under the auspices of the Geological Survey of Canada's National Mapping Program (NATMAP) as the Nechako Project (1995-2000). The information consists of geoscience data sets for all or parts of six 1:250,000 scale NTS map sheets located in central British Columbia: Manson River (093N), Fort Fraser (093K), Nechako River (093F), Prince George (093G/W), Smithers (093L/9,16), and Hazelton (093M/1,2,7,8).  The information is presented in several categories: 1. Geologic summary, 2. Papers, 3. Photographs, 4. Maps, 5. References, and 6. Partners.


The Geologic summary section presents an overview of the project, the geologic setting, and some of the contributions that have been made. The Papers section consists of forty-four GSC Current Research papers and eleven BCGS Geological Fieldwork papers. The Photographs section presents of a collection of photographs in four categories: Bedrock, Surficial, Paleontology and Miscellaneous. The Maps section consists of a variety of attributed spatial data sets (shape files). The information includes: bedrock and surficial geology, geophysics, mineral occurrences, chemistry, and age data. For ease of use the spatial data resides within folders specified by file format and geographic region.  The References section presents a comprehensive list of outputs for the project including talks, posters, maps and written publications. The Partners section consists of a list of the individuals who participated in the project and their affiliation.


The CD-ROM also includes a limited edition of SurView, a viewing application for Microsoft Windows, developed at the Geological Survey of Canada and originally released as GSC Open File 2661. SurView runs directly off the disk. It can display, print, and to a limited extent query the spatial data. This provides an opportunity for those without specialized GIS software to delve into the realm of digital geoscience data. A tutorial is available on the CD-ROM.



NOTE regarding Nechako NATMAP Project Website:  This website was active from 1995 to 2000 and serves as a record of the project.  It contains project summary, objectives, team members, references and newsletter.  As the website was not maintained after 2000, many of the external links and contact information will not be correct.  Download the file (, unzip and launch Nechako.htm with your Internet Browser.