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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

2006 Open Files

Open File #


2006-1 Operating Mines and Selected Major Exploration Projects in British Columbia - 2005 by J.Pardy, T. Schroeter
2006-2 Geology of the Upper Iskut River Area, British Columbia (NTS 104G, 104B, 104H, 104A) by D.J. Alldrick, J.L. Nelson, T. Barresi, M.L. Stewart and K.A. Simpson
2006-3 Geology of the Usk map-area (93I/09) by J.L. Nelson, T. Barresi, E. Knight and N. Boudreau
2006-4 Geology Between the Finlay River and Chukachida Lake, Central Toodoggone River Map Area (Parts of NTS 94E/2, 6 and 7) by L. Diakow et al.
2006-5 Geology of the Nimpkish map area, Northern Vancouver Island (92L/07) by G.T. Nixon, M. Kelman, D. Stevenson, L. Stokes and K. Johnston
2006-6 Geology of the Volcano Creek - More Creek Area, British Columbia (104B/9,10,15,16; 104G/1,2) by D.J. Alldrick, J.L. Nelson and T. Barresi
2006-7 Communities Benefiting from BC Mineral Exploration Activity - 2005 by T. Schroeter et al.
2006-8 Geology of Canim Lake Area (92P/15) by P. Schiarizza and A. Boulton
2006-9 Communities Benefiting from Mining Activity - 2005 by J. Lewis et al.
2006-10 Mineral Properties Available in British Columbia by P.J. Desjardins
2006-11 Geology of the Iron Mask Batholith (NTS 92I/9,10) by James M. Logan and Mitchell G. Mihalynuk
2006-12 Airborne Geophysical Survey, Iron Mask Batholith (NTS 92I/9,10) by James M. Logan, Mitchell G. Mihalynuk and Carmel Lowe
2006-13 Peace River Coalfield, Northeast British Columbia (NTS 93P, I, O, 094B by Andrew Legun
2006-14 Communities Benefiting from British Columbia Coal Exploration in 2005 by T.G. Schroeter, J. Chou, and E. Man