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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geology between the Finlay and Toodoggone Rivers, Toodoggone River Map Area, North-Central British Columbia (Parts of NTS 94E/2, 6 and 7)
Scale 1:50 000

BCMEMPR Open File 2005-03

by Larry J. Diakow, Graham T. Nixon, Ryan Rhodes and Bob Lane
Contribution to the Toodoggone Targeted Geoscience Initiative II - Mining Company Partnership


Bedrock mapping completed at 1:20:000 scale in 2003 and 2004 covers approximately 700 km2 of under-explored terrain in the eastern part of the Toodoggone camp between the Finlay River, at the southeast, and Toodoggone River in the northwest portion of the mapped area. Recent discoveries here include porphyry (Sofia, Alexandria) and epithermal (Sickle-Griz) exploration targets in the Early Jurassic rocks. These highly prospective rocks are extrapolated to continue northwest between the Toodoggone and Chukachida rivers.


Mapping east of the Pillar Fault, has defined three new members of the uppermost, Early Jurassic Toodoggone Formation. Regional faults include the Black Fault and the Pillar Fault and field work has recognized that parallel, north trending minor structures are host to epithermal base and precious metal veins. At lower topographic levels, monzonites of the Black Lake Intrusive Suite contain new copper-gold porphyry prospects (e.g., Alexandria and Sophia).


This new geology continues to expand detailed map coverage in the Toodoggone mining camp. It provides refinement to existing stratigraphy, structure, and timing constraints for magmatic and mineralizing events.

This bedrock map is a result of the Federal-Provincial Targeted Geoscience Initiative (II), the University of British Columbia, and partnerships with Stealth Minerals Ltd., Northgate Exploration Ltd., Finlay Minerals Ltd., Bishop Resources Inc. and Sable Resources Ltd.  We gratefully acknowledge the general financial and logistical support that these companies provided to the mapping program.  Stealth Minerals Limited is thanked for providing local geological information that enabled the authors to fine tune parts of this map. Ryan Rhodes provided the cartographic expertise, building upon work initiated by Harpreet Jaswal.


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