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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Clisbako RiverAirborne Geophysical Survey
(Parts of NTS 93B/12SW; 93C/09NE; 93C/16SE) 

BCMEMPR Open File 2005-12 / GSC Open File 2815


Helicopter-borne gamma ray spectrometric and magnetic total 
field geophysical survey, Clisbako River Area, British Columbia

R.B.K. Shives and J.M. Carson


In 1994 the Geological Survey of Canada conducted an airborne geophysical survey in the Clisbako River area, British Columbia, Canada. The full product release are available as Geological Survey of Canada Open File 2815.


This survey was published as the Clisbako River Geophysics Map to MapPlace on April 8, 2005. The MapPlace data includes digital gridded images for 2 magnetic and 7 radiometric parameters for each survey area. The downloadable files from this website are in georeferenced TIF – tagged image and PNG formats (UTM NAD 83 and Albers projections) and GRD - Geosoft gridded data format (UTM NAD 83 only). PDF theme files are also available.


All publications of the BC Geological Survey are available digitally, free of charge, from this website.


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