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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

2003 Open Files


Open File #


2003-1 Geology of the Cariboo Lake Area, Central British Columbia by Fil Ferri and Brian O'Brien; (NTS 093A/11, 12, 13, 14)


Surficial Geology of the Huckleberry Mine Area by T. Ferbey and V.M. Levson
2003-3 Historic Mines by Lisa N. Barazzuol and Gregg G. Stewart
2003-4 Geological Setting of the Lorraine Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, Duckling Creek Syenite Complex, North-Central British Columbia, NTS 093N/14 by Graham T. Nixon and Giles R. Peatfield
2003-5 Gold Production and Resources in British Columbia by T.G. Schroeter
2003-7 Quaternary Geology of The Hydraulic Map Sheet (NTS 93A/12) by A.J. Bichler, University of Victoria, P.T. Bobrowsky, Geological Survey of Canada