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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Historic Mines of British Columbia

BCMEMPR Open File 2003-03

by Lisa N. Barazzuol and Gregg G. Stewart

Table of Contents


Map Notes

Cover, Table of Contents (PDF document, 786 KB)
Introduction to Historic Mines (PDF document, 1,722 KB)

Smithers Region (PDF document, 805 KB)
Kamloops Region (PDF document, 937 KB)
Cranbrook Region (PDF document, 47,248 KB)
Prince George Region (PDF document, 48,920 KB)
Nanaimo Region (PDF document, 16,009 KB)

Conclusion and Recommendations (PDF document, 39 KB)
References (PDF document, 25 KB)

Appendix A - Water Quality Data (PDF document, 26 KB)
Appendix B - Water Quality Data (PDF document, 87 KB)
Appendix C - Historic Mine Sites (PDF document, 11,241 KB)


This 125-page report on a scoping study of the 1887 historic mines in BC and focuses on the 1171 mines that have environmental concerns and present public health and safety issues. A number of sites (about 3%) have been selected as those which may show the greatest potential environmental impact. They include the Midway (MINFILE 082FSW021), Lenora (MINFILE 092B 001), Bralorne-Takla (MINFILE 093N 008), Ymir (MINFILE 082FSW067-068), Second Relief (MINFILE 082FSW187), and Sultana (MINFILE 082FSW061).


It is recommended these be studied in greater detail. It is further recommended that the potential problems be addressed on a watershed by watershed approach to fully study the impact on a drainage system.


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