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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

2000 Open Files


Open File #


2000-1 1999 Mines and Major Exploration Projects in BC
by G. Owsiacki, M. Cathro, P. Wojdak, R. Pinsent, P. Wilton, R. Lane and T. Schroeter
MINFILE Data for 100 Deposits; Data to January 2000; consists of 2 maps at 1:2,500,000-scale and a data disk
2000-2 Gold Production and Resources in BC (1858-1998), by Tom Schroeter and R.H Pinsent.
2000-3 Geology of the Robb Lake Pb-Zn deposit, northeastern British Columbia; by Nelson, J., Zantvoort, W. and Paradis, S. - 1 map.
2000-4 Natmap - Geology of the Southeastern Dorsey Terrane 104O/7, 8, 9, 10; by Nelson, J., Harms, T.A., Zantvoort, W., Gleeson, T. and Wahl, K. - 1 map.
2000-5 Surficial Geology of the Swift River Area NTS 104N/9,16 and 104O/NW; by A. Dixon-Warren and A. Hickin - 1 map.
2000-6 Geology Smart River (NTS 104O/13); by M. Mihalynuk et al; 1:50 000-scale 1 sheet.
2000-7 Geology and Mineralization in the Adams -East Barriere lakes area, Southcentral British Columbia, 82M/04; by James M. Logan and Richard K. Mann; 1 map + tables & legend, scale 1:100,000.
2000-8 Geology and Mineralization around the Mount Skelly Pluton, Kootenay Lake, Southeastern British Columbia, 82F/07; by James M. Logan and Richard K. Mann; 1 map + tables & legend, scale 1:50,000.
2000-9 Quaternary Geology of the Marilla Map Area, 93F/12, by D.J. Mate and V.M. Levson (P.Geo), 1:50,000 scale one color map
2000-10 Geology of the Heffley Lake Area, Southcentral BC 092I; by G.E. Ray and I.C.L Webster; 1 map
2000-11 Lake Sediment and Water Geochemistry of the Cape Caution Area, NTS 92L/13, 14, 15; 92M/3, 4; by W. Jackaman, Stephen Cook and Robert Pinsent. Report and disk.
2000-12 Stream Sediment and Water Geochemistry of the Khutze River Area, NTS 103H/1, 2, 7; Compiled by Wayne Jackaman and Robert Pinsent.
2000-13 Stream Sediment and Water Geochemistry of the Bella Coola Area, NTS 93D/1, 2, 7, 8; by W. Jackaman, Stephen Cook, Robert Pinsent and Travis Ferbey. Report & disk.
2000-14 Stream Sediment and Water Geochemistry of parts of the Queen Charlotte Islands, NTS 103F/1, 7, 8, 9, 10; 103G/4, 5; by Wayne Jackaman, Garry Payie and Paul Wojdak. Report & disk.
2000-15 MINFILE Reserves/Resources Inventory in BC;  Compiled by: MINFILE Team - January 2000; This publication documents the known reserves and resources of 808 mineral deposits from the MINFILE database.
2000-16 BC MINFILE on CD-ROM - and - MINFILE Occurrence Data for British Columbia
12 050 Complete Mineral Occurrence Reports; Data to January 2000
MINFILE Master and Production reports on CD-ROM as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. The reports can be viewed and searched using the free Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader. The MINFILE Occurrence data requires MINFILE/pc Version 4.5, Y2K Version
2000-17 Till Geochemistry of the Chu Chua - Clearwater Area, BC parts of NTS 92P/8 and 92P/9; by R.C. Paulen, P.T. Bobrowsky, R.E. Lett, W. Jackaman, A.J. Bichler and C. Wingerter - text report - 260 pages.
2000-18 Till Geochemistry of the Shuswap Highlands Area, BC parts of NTS 83M/3 and 82L/13, 14; by R.C. Paulen, P.T. Bobrowsky, R.E. Lett, W. Jackaman, A.J. Bichler and C. Wingerter - text report - 260 pages.
2000-19 Bedrock Geology Tsayta Lake British Columbia, NTS 93N/3, 4, 5, 6; by P. Schiarizza, N. Massey and D. MacIntyre; 1 map,
1:100 000 scale.
2000-20 Follow-up Investigation of Regional Stream Silt Fe-Au-REE Anomalies, Howser and Tea Creeks Area, Purcell Mountains, Southeast BC 82K/10; by G.E. Ray and I.C.L Webster; 1 map.
2000-21 Replaced by Open File 2000-3
2000-22 BC Sediment Hosted Massive Sulphide Deposits, by N.W.D. Massey. 1 map, 1:2 000 000 scale on 1 diskette.
2000-23 Stream Geochemical Exploration for Pluton-Related Quartz-Vein Gold Deposits in Southern BC, NTS 82M/4, 5, 6; 92P/8E 82F/7; by R. Lett, Wayne Jackaman and Lanny Englund. Text, maps and appendices. One diskette.
2000-24 Regional Geochemical Compilation: Babine Porphyry Belt, NTS 93L/9, 16; 93M/1, 2, 7, 8; by Stephen Cook, Vic Levson, Wayne Jackaman, Derek Law and Michelle Douville.
2000-25 Regional Geochemical Compilation: Tezzeron-Pinchi Fault Zone Area, NTS 93K/O9, 10, 15, 16; by Stephen Cook, Wayne Jackaman, Alain Plouffe, Joanne Nelson and Michelle Douville.
2000-26 Replaced by GeoFile 2000-1
2000-27 Cancelled, replaced by Open File 2001-8
2000-28 Geology of the Anyox Mining Camp, NTS 103P/W; by D. J. Alldrick. 1 map.
2000-29 Cancelled
2000-30 Aggregate Resource Potential of the Sea-to-Sky Highway Area (NTS 092G11,14), by A.S. Hickin, E.D. Brooks, A.B. Dixon-Warren, P.T. Bobrowsky
2000-31 Geochemical Exploration Models, Volume 1:  VMS Deposits in 
South-Central British Columbia
(NTS 82L/13, L/14, 82M/4, M/5, M/6 and 92P/1E), by R. Lett and W. Jackaman.
2000-32 Purcell Assessment Report Library, by A.F. Wilcox and L.D. Jones.
2000-33 Bedrock Geology Old Hogem (western part), NTS 93N/11, 12, 13; by P. Schiarizza. 1:100 000;
1 mapsheet colour geologic map.