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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geochemistry of Alkaline Lake Waters of the Northern Kechika Trough, British Columbia (NTS 94M/2,3,4,5,6,12; 104P/8,9,10,15,16)

Open File 1999-06

by Stephen J. Cook, Wayne Jackaman, Peter W. Friske, Stephen J. Day, Gwendy E.M. Hall and Anna M. Coneys


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Open File 1999-06 presents new ICP-MS analytical results for a regional lake water geochemical survey conducted over the northern part of the Kechika Trough in 1996. The survey, conducted jointly by the BC Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada, covers an area of approximately 5000 km2 over parts of eleven 1:50,000 map areas immediately south of the B.C.-Yukon border.  Exploration for prospective sedimentary-exhalative style Zn-Pb-Ba deposits in this area has been limited by extensive drift cover.


Major and trace element data for 235 surface lake water sites are included in the release. The report provides listings of field and analytical data, summary statistics and element distribution maps. Digital data listings (ASCII format) are provided on a 3.5 inch high-density diskette. This release is also available as GSC Open File 3704.


The surface waters were obtained over the course of a regional lake sediment geochemical survey, data for which has been released previously as Open File 1997-15. A corresponding 1:100,000 geological map of this area (Ferri et al.) has recently been released by the BC Geological Survey as Geoscience Map 1998-10.


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