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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

1997 Open Files


Open File#


1997-1 1996 Operating Mines & Exploration and Development Projects in BC, By G. Owsiacki, M. Cathro, P. Wojdak, R. Pinsent, P. Wilton and B. Lane. 2 Sheets, 1:2 500 000-scale, 176 occurrences
1997-2 Geology, Mineral Occurrences and Geochemistry of the Kenny Creek - Mount Olsen Area (parts of NTS 93N/12 & 93N/13), by P. Schiarizza, G.J. Payie, S. Holunga and D. Wright. 2 maps, 1:50 000-scale
1997-3 Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Tatogga Lake Area (104H/12NW,13SW & 104G/9NE, 16SE), by C.H. Ash, R.W.J. Macdonald, P.K. Stinson, T.M. Fraser, K.J. Nelson, K.M. Arden and D.V. Lefebure. 1 map
1:50 000-scale and text
1997-4 MINFILE: BC Reserves & Resources Inventory, by MINFILE team 160-page report
1997-5 Metamorphism of the Creston Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (NTS 082F/2), by P.T. Doughty, D.A. Brown and D.A. Archibald 1 map 1:50 000-scale and text.
1997-6 Terrain Geology Map of North Barriere Lake Area (NTS 82M/5), by E.R. Leboe, P.T. Bobrowsky, A. Dixon-Warren and A. Ledwon. 1 map 1:50 000-scale.
1997-7 Terrain Geology Map of Adams Plateau Area (NTS 82M/4), by A. Dixon-Warren, P.T. Bobrowsky, E.R. Leboe and A. Ledwon. 1 map 1:50 000-scale.
1997-8 Surficial Geology of Northern Vancouver Island Area (NTS 82M/4 & 5), by P.T. Bobrowsky. 1 map 1:50,000-scale. (PDF file 4 Mb)
1997-9 Till Geochemistry of the Adams Plateau - North Barriere Lake Area (NTS 82M/4 & 5), by P.T. Bobrowsky, E.R. Leboe, A. Dixon-Warren, A. Ledwon, D. MacDougall and S.J. Sibbick. 200 page report.
1997-10,10a Bedrock Geology and Till Geochemistry of the Old Fort Mountain Map Area, North-Central BC,  Bedrock Geology by D.G. MacIntyre, I. Webster and P. Desjardins. Till Geochemistry by V.M. Levson, S.J. Cook, J. Hobday, D.H. Huntley, E.K. O'Brien, A.J. Stumpf and G.W. Weary. 1 map 1:50 000-scale
1997-11 Till Geochemistry of the Chedakuz Creek Map Area (NTS 93F/7), by G.F. Weary, V.M. Levson and B.E. Broster. 80-page report.
1997-12 Till Geochemical Dispersal in Central British Columbia (NTS 93F/2, 7, 12), by E.K. O'Brien, V.M. Levson and B.E. Broster. 100-page report.
1997-13 Digital Geology of  Northern Vancouver Island: Preliminary Compilation (NTS 92L/5,6,11,12; 102I/8, 9), by G.T. Nixon, J.L. Hammack, G.J. Payie, L.D. Snyder, V.M. Koyanagi, J.V. Hamilton, A. Panteleyev, N.W.D. Massey, J.W. Haggart and D.A. Archibald. CD-ROM containing AutoCad .DWG file(s) and a plotfile for the HP 650c colour plotter.
1997-14 Preliminary Bedrock Geology and Lake Sediment Geochemistry of the Northern Kechika Trough (NTS 94L/14, 15; 4M/3,4,5,6,12,13; 104P/8,9,15,16), by F. Ferri, C. Rees and S. Cook. 3 map sheets 1:100 000-scale.
1997-15 Regional Lake Sediment and Water Geochemistry of the Northern Kechika Trough, British Columbia (NTS 94M/2,3,4,5,6,12; 104P/8,9,10,15,16) by S.J. Cook. W. Jackaman, P.W. Friske, S.J. Day, A.M. Coneys and F. Ferri. 30-page report with appendices, sample map and diskette.
1997-16 Barite in British Columbia, by S.B. Butrenchuk and K.D. Hancock. 146-page report with 2 maps.
1997-17 Regional Lake Sediment and Water Geochemistry of the Babine Porphyry Belt, Central British Columbia (93L/9,16; 93M/1,2,7,8) by S.J. Cook, R.E.W. Lett, V.M. Levson, W. Jackaman, A.M. Coneys and G.J. Wyatt.
1997-18 Preliminary Till Geochemistry - Old Fort Mountain Area (NTS 93M/1) by V.M. Levson, S.J. Cook, D.H. Huntley, A.J. Stumpf and J. Hobday. 1 data diskette (Microsoft Excel format).