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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

1996 Open Files

Open File #


1996-1 1995 Operating Mines and Exploration and Development Projects in B.C., by G. Owsiacki, T. Schroeter, P. Wojdak, R. Pinsent, P. Wilton and K. MacDonald (1:2 500 000), 2 sheets
1996-2 Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Downie Creek Area, Northern Selkirk Mountains (82M/8 and part of 1), by J.M. Logan, M. Colpron, B.J. Johnson and C. Rees (1:50 000), 1 Sheet
1996-3 Preliminary Geology of Gataga Mountain Area (94L/10, 11, 14, 15), by F. Ferri, C. Rees, J. Nelson, C. Augereau and A. Legun (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1996-4 Geology of the Todagin Plateau - Red Chris Area, Northwest British Columbia (104H/12NW), by C.H. Ash, P.K. Stinson, T.M. Fraser, R.W.J. Macdonald and K.J. Nelson (1:20 000), 1 sheet
1996-5 Aggregate Inventory of British Columbia - Private Pits, by A. Matheson, N.W.D. Massey, P.T. Bobrowsky, C.E. Kilby and G. Manson, 2 sheets and 1 diskette
1996-6 Geology of the Mineral Hill - Wormy Lake Area, Sechelt, B.C. (92G/12W), by G.E. Ray and C.E. Kilby (1:10 000), 1 sheet
1996-7 Till Geochemistry of Northern Vancouver Island Area (92L/5, 6W, 11W, 12), by P.T. Bobrowsky and S.J. Sibbick, report and maps
1996-8 MINFILE Reserves/Resources Inventory, by MINFILE Team, 180 pages
1996-9 Surficial Geology and Quaternary Stratigraphy of the Old Fort Mountain Area (93M/01), by D.H. Huntley, V.M. Levson and G.F. Weary (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1996-10 Surficial Geology and Quaternary Stratigraphy of the Fulton Lake Area (93L/16), by A.J. Stumpf, D.H. Huntley, V.M. Levson and E.K. O’Brien (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1996-11 Digital Geology, NW British Columbia (94/E, L, M; 104/F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P; 114/I, O, P), by M. Mihalynuk, K. Bellefontaine, D. Brown, J. Logan, J. Nelson, A. Legun and L. Diakow.
1996-12 Surficial Geology of the Chilliwack Area (NTS 92G/1E, 92H/4W), by V.M. Levson, R.F. Gerath, D.G. Meldrum and P.A. Monahan, hard copy with colour digital plot file
1996-13 Selected British Columbia Mineral Deposit Profiles: Volume 2 - More Metallic Deposits, edited by D.V. Lefebure and T. Höy
1996-15 Regional Lake Sediment and Water Geochemistry of Part of the Fort Fraser Map Area, B.C., (NTS 93K/9,
10, 15, 16), by S.J. Cook, W. Jackaman, M.W. McCurdy, S.J. Day and P.W. Friske. Text, maps & diskette
1996-16 Geology of the West-Central Purcell Mountains, British Columbia (82K/2, 7 and parts of 8 and 10), by M.J. Warren (1:75 000), 3 sheets
1996-17 Biogeochemical Survey Using Lodgepole Pine Bark: Mount Milligan, Central British Columbia (93N/1; 93O/4), by C.E. Dunn, R.G. Balma, S.J. Sibbick, 75 page report with 8 maps and 1 data diskette. Also available as GSC Open File 3290.
1996-18 Geochemistry of the Gataga Mountain Area (parts of 94L/7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15), by W. Jackaman, R. Lett, and S. Sibbick
1996-19 Quesnel Trough: A Digital Suite of Geoscience Information, compiled by S.P. Williams, B. Ballantyne, R. Balma, K. Bellefontaine, C. Dunn, F. Ferri, J. Grant, A. Plouffe, R. Shives, S. Sibbick, B. Stuik GSC Open File 3273. CD-ROM GSC Vancouver
1996-20 (East Part) The Geology of the Thompson - Okanagan Mineral Assessment Region, Compiled by P. Schiarizza and N. Church. ARCVIEW DATA FILES: Mineral Assessment Analysis Geology Polygons and Linework.
1996-21 Geology of the Tangier River Area, Selkirk Mountains, B.C. (82N/4, 5; 82M/1, 8), by M. Colpron (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1996-22 Till Geochemistry of the Mount Milligan Area (Parts of 93N/1 and 93O/4), by S.J. Sibbick, R.G. Balma and C.E. Dunn 82 pp.  (which includes 30 maps), 1 diskette. Also available as GSC Open File 3291.
1996-23 East Kootenay Geophysical Survey (NTS 82F/9, 10, 15, 16; 82G/12, 13; 82J/4; 82K/1) (available as three separate map sets, digital data set also available). GSC Open File 2628.  For information and prices contact: Geophysical Data Centre 1 Observatory Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0Y3 Tel. (613) 995-5326; FAX (613) 992-2787 E-mail: Web Site:
1996-24 Aggregate Resource Potential of the Prince George Area, Red Rock sheet, (NTS 93G/10; Isle Pierre sheet, 93G/14; Prince George sheet, 93G/15; Wansa Creek sheet, 93G/16; Salmon River sheet, 93J/02), by P.T. Bobrowsky, N.W.D. Massey and A. Matheson
1996-25 Preliminary Earthquake Hazard Map of the Chilliwack Area, Showing Areas of Relative Potential for Liquefaction and/or Amplification of Ground Motion (NTS 92G/1E, 92H/4W), by V.M. Levson, P.A. Monahan, D.G. Meldrum, P.F. Matysek, A. Sy, L. Yan, B.D. Watts and R.F. Gerath (1:50 000) colour map
1996-26 Open Files 1996-26 and 27 were combined with Open File 1996-24
1996-29 Bedrock Geology of the Fulton Lake Map Area, North-Central B.C. (NTS 93L/16), by D. MacIntyre, I. Webster and K. Bellefontaine (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1996-30 Spring Water and Spring Sediment Geochemistry of the Gataga Mountain Area (parts of 94L/7, 8, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15), by R. Lett, W. Jackaman and S. Sibbick, hard copy and digital data