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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

1992 Open Files

Open File #


1992-1 1991 Producers and Potential Producers Mineral and Coal, by T. Faulkner, R. Meyers, M.L. Malott, P. Wilton and D. Melville (1:2 500 000), 1 sheet
1992-2 Geology, Mineral Occurrences and Geochemistry of the Tahltan Lake and Chutine River Area (104G/12W, 13), by D.A. Brown, I. Neill, J. Timmerman, F.E.L. Harvey-Kelly, M.G. Gunning and C.J. Greig (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1992-3 Mines, Development Projects and Exploration Programs in Northwest British Columbia, 1991 (1:1 800 000), 1 sheet
1992-4 Geology and Mineral Potential of the Chuchi Lake and
Klawli Lake Map Areas
(93N/2E, 7E), by J.L. Nelson, K.A. Bellefontaine, M.E. MacLean and C.J. Rees (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1992-5 Geology, Geochemistry and Mineral Occurrences of the
More Creek Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104G/2)
, by J.M. Logan, J.R. Drobe and D.C. Elsby (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1992-6 Surficial Geology of the Quatsino Area (92L/12), by D.E. Kerr (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1992-7 Surficial Geology and Placer Gold Settings of the Atlin-Surprise Lake Area (104N/11W, 12E), by V.M. Levson and D.E. Kerr (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1992-8 Geology and Geochemistry of the Atlin Map Area (104N/12W), by M.G. Mihalynuk and M.T. Smith (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1992-9 MINFILE Data on Major Industrial Mineral Deposits in B.C., by P. Fischl and D. Jakobsen (1:2 000 000), 1 sheet and 1 data diskette
1992-10 Kakwa Recreation Area Geology (93H/15, 16 and 93I/1, 2), by J. Pell, J.L. Hammack, B. Fletcher, W.D. Harris and V. Koyanagi (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1992-11 Geology and Geochemistry of the Uslika Lake Area (94C/3, 4, 6), by F. Ferri, S. Dudka, C.J. Rees, D.G. Meldrum and M.J. Willson (1:50 000 geology and 1:100 000 geochemistry), 2 sheets
1992-12 Geology of the Lemoray Creek and Carbon Creek Areas, Northeast British Columbia (93O/8, 15), by J.M. Cunningham and B. Sprecher (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1992-13 Surficial Geology Map Index of British Columbia, by P.T. Bobrowsky, T. Giles and W. Jackaman
1992-14 Geology and Major Element Geochemistry of the Mount Brussilof Magnesite Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82J/12, 13), by G.J. Simandl, K.D. Hancock, M. Fournier, V.M. Koyanagi, V. Vilkos, R. Lett and C. Colbourne, report and map in pocket (1:20 000)
1992-15 Geologic Hazards in British Columbia, Proceedings of Geologic Hazards ‘91 Workshop held at the University of Victoria, February 20-21, 1991, compiled and edited by P. Bobrowsky
(PDF document, 13 018 Kb)
1992-16 Fluorspar and Fluorine in British Columbia, by J. Pell
1992-17 Geology of the Central Hughes Range, British Columbia (82G/11, 12, 13, 14), Geology by A.I. Welbon and R.A. Price (1:50 000)
1992-18 Limestone and Dolomite Resources of British Columbia, by Peter S. Fischl
1992-19 Pioneering Geology in the Canadian Cordillera, Proceedings of The Earth Before Us - Pioneering Geology in the Canadian Cordillera, held March, 1991, compiled by V. Levson
1992-20 Phosphorus in British Columbia Coking Coals, by D.A. Grieve 
1992-21 Till Geochemistry of the Quatsino Map Area (92L/12), by D.E. Kerr and S.J. Sibbick
1992-22 Unuk River Area Geology (104B/7E, 8 & 9W, 10E), by D.J. Alldrick and J.M. Britton (1:20 000), 5 sheets