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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

1991 Open Files


Open File #


1991-1 Geology of the Lamprey Creek Area (93L/3), by P. Desjardins and R. Arksey (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1991-2 Geology of the Rossland - Trail Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/4), by T. Höy and K.P.E. Andrew (1:20 000),
2 sheets
1991-3 Geology and Mineral Potential of the Wittsichica Creek and Tezzeron Creek Map Areas (93N/1; 93K/16), by J. Nelson, K.A. Bellefontaine, K.C. Green and M. MacLean (1:50 000),
4 sheets
1991-4 Geology of the Burnt River and Gwillim Lake (Southwest Half) Areas, Northeastern British Columbia (93P/5, 6), by D.J. Hunter and J.M. Cunningham (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1991-5 Land Use Designations in Northern British Columbia (93,
103, 104, 114), by M.L. Malott, D.V. Lefebure and A. Havard (1:800 000), 1 sheet
1991-6 Surficial Geology of the Snippaker Creek Area (104B/6E,
7W, 10W, 11E), by D.E. Kerr (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1991-7 Surficial Geology of the Mount Milligan Area (93N/1E; 93O/4W), by D.E. Kerr (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1991-8 Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Merry Widow Skarn Camp (92L/6), by G.E. Ray and I.C.L. Webster (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1991-9 Olivine Potential of the Tulameen Ultramafic Complex (92H/10) by K.D. Hancock, Z.D. Hora, and G.V. White
1991-10 Feldspathic Mineral Occurrences in British Columbia, by M.E. MacLean and G.V. White
1991-11 Quaternary Geology and Landforms of the Eastern Peace River Region, British Columbia (94A/1, 2, 7, 8), by N.R. Catto (1:50 000), 4 sheets
1991-12 Geology of the Tenquille Lake, Owl Creek and Lillooet Lake Area (92J/1, 2, 7, 10), by J.M. Riddell, S.M. Helm and J.M. Pautler (compilation map at 1:100 000), (1:25 000), 4 sheets
1991-13 Geology of the Mission Ridge Area, Southwestern British Columbia (92J/9, 10, 15, 16), by M.E. Coleman (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1991-14 Mines, Development Projects and Exploration Programs in Northwest British Columbia, 1990 (104, 114, 103, 93, 94), by D.V. Lefebure and M.L. Malott (1:1,800,000), 1 sheet
1991-15 Gypsum in British Columbia, by S.B. Butrenchuk
1991-16 Geology of the Trail Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/3, 4, 5, 6), by K.P.E. Andrew, T. Höy and P. Simony (1:100 000), 1 sheet
1991-17 Wollastonite and Tremolite Occurrences in British Columbia, by P. Fischl
1991-18 Quaternary Geomorphology and Terrain Map of the Harris Creek Area, British Columbia (82L/1, 2), by J.M. Ryder 
(1:20 000)
1991-19 A Centry of Gold Production and Reserves in British Columbia (1890-1990), by T.G. Schroeter and R.A. Lane
1991-20 Dimension Stone Aerial Photography Study of
Southwestern British Columbia
, by J.W. Page
1991-21 Sulphurets Area Geology (Parts of 104A/5W, 12W; 104B/8E, 9E), by D.J. Alldrick and J.M. Britton 5 sheets
1991-23 Industrial Minerals of Alberta and British Columbia, Canada; Proceedings 27th Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals; May 5 - 10th, 1991, Banff, Alberta, Z.D. Hora, W.N. Hamilton, B. Grant and P.D. Kelly, Editors