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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Ultramafic Associated Chromite and Nickel Occurrences in British Columbia

BCMEMPR Open File 1990-27


by K.D. Hancock


Entire Document (PDF, 8.32 MB)  


This Open File report records the most significant mafic-ultramafic-associated chromite and nickel occurrences in British Columbia.  Its primary focus is the chromite occurrences in the province, however, due to the mineralogical association of platinum group metals and nickel with ultramafic rocks, they are also included where appropriate.

All known chromite and nickel occurrences are compiled, using the MINFILE database as the initial data set.  Geological information available to the BC Geological Survey was evaluated for reported occurrences and they were then divided into two groups.  The first group includes all deposits where sufficient data are available for concise descriptions including location, geology, mineralization, history and current claims, if any.  These occurrences are grouped by genetic classification and geographic location.  The second group is listed by MINFILE number and geographical coordinates in an appendix, as sufficient geological information is not available or the occurrence is not appropriate for inclusion in the body of this report.


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