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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

1989 Open Files

Open File #


1989-1 Geology and Mineral Occurrences in North Newcombe Lake Map Sheet (93E/14), by L.J. Diakow and J.R. Drobe (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1989-2 Geology of Kobau Group Between Oliver and Cawston, British Columbia (82E/4E), by P. Louis, U. Mader and J. Russell, 1 sheet
1989-3 Geology of Eldorado Mountain Area (92J/15; 92O/2), by J. Garver, P. Schiarizza, P. Umhoefer, M.E. Rusmore and R.G. Gaba (1:20 000), 1 sheet
1989-4 Geology of the Tyaughton Creek Area (92J/15, 16; 92O/2),
by P. Schiarizza, R.G. Gaba, J.I. Garver, J.K. Glover, B.N. Church, P.J. Umhoeffer, T. Lynch, P.P. Sajgalik, K.E. Safton, D.A. Archibald, T. Calon, M. MacLean, M.J. Hanna, J.M. Riddell and D.A.R. James (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1989-5 Lode Gold - Silver Occurrences of the Okanagan Region, South Central British Columbia (82E/W; 82L/SW), by R.E. Meyers, W.A. Taylor and D. Templeman-Kluit (1:250 000), 2 sheets
1989-6 Geology of the Port Alberni - Nanaimo Lakes Area (92F/1W, 2E and part of 7E), by N.W.D. Massey, S.J. Friday, J.M. Riddell and S.E. Dumais (1:50 000), 9 sheets
1989-7 Geology, Geochemistry and Mineral Occurrences of the Scud River Area, Northwestern British Columbia (104G/5, 6), by D.A. Brown and M.H. Gunning (1:50 000) & (1:100 000), 2 Sheets
1989-8 Geology and Mineral Occurrences of the Galore Creek Area (104G/3, 4), by J. Logan, V. Koyanagi and D. Rhys
(1:50 000), 2 sheets
1989-9 Geology and Metallogeny of the Cassiar and McDame Map Areas [104P/5; 104P/3 (northwest quarter)], by J. Nelson, J. Bradford, M. MacLean and L. Maddison (1:25 000; 1:50 000), 8 sheets
1989-10 Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Unuk Area (104B/7E, 8W, 9W, 10E), by D.J. Alldrick, J.M. Britton, I.C.L. Webster and C.W.P. Russell (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1989-11 Geology of the Nelson Map Area, Southeastern British Columbia (82F/6), by T. Höy and K. Andrew (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1989-12 Geochemistry and Mineral Occurrences of the Germansen Landing Area [(93N/10 (North Half), 93N/15 (South Half)], by F. Ferri and D. Melville (1:100 000), 2 sheets
1989-13 Stream Sediment and Lithogeochemical Survey Results for the Fantail Lake (West) and Warm Creek (East) Map Area (104M/9W, 10E), by R.L. Arksey and M.G. Mihalynuk (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1989-14 Geology of the Beaver Creek-Horsefly River Map Area (93A/5, 6), by A. Panteleyev and K. Hancock (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1989-15 Geology of the Atlin Area (104N/11W, 12E), by M.A. Bloodgood, C.J. Rees and D.V. Lefebure (1:50 000), 2 sheets 
1989-16 Geology of the Telkwa River Area (93L/11), by D. MacIntyre P. Desjardins, P. Tercier and J. Koo (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1989-17 Preliminary Geology and Noble Metal Geochemistry of the Polaris Mafic-Ultramafic Complex (94C/5, 12), by G.T. Nixon, C.H. Ash, J.N. Connelly and G. Case (1:16 000), 1 sheet
1989-18 Geology and Nobel Metal Geochemistry of the Turnagain Ultramafic Complex (104I/7, 10), by G.T. Nixon, C.H. Ash, J.N. Connelly and G. Case (1:16 000), 1 sheet
1989-19 Geology of the Needlepoint Mountain Map Area (104P/4 NE quarter), by T. Harms, M. Ball, P. Fischer and J. Nelson
(1:25 000), 1 sheet
1989-20 Geology of the Swift River Area (93A/12, 13; 93B/16; 93G/1), by D.G. Bailey (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1989-21 Tertiary Stratigraphy and Industrial Minerals, Bonaparte to Deadman Rivers (92P/2, 3), by P.B. Read (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1989-22 Gold in British Columbia, by T.G. Schroeter, A. Panteleyev, C. Lund and G. Carter (1:2 000 000), report with map in pocket
1989-23 Mines, Development Projects and Exploration Programs in Northwestern British Columbia, 1988, by D.V. Lefebure and M.L. Malott (1:1 000 000), 1 sheet
1989-24 Geological Compilation Map of the Atlin Area (104N/12E, 11W), by D.V. Lefebure and M.H. Gunning (1:20 000), 2 sheets
1989-25 Geology and Geochemistry of the Taseko Lakes Area (92O/3, 4, 5, 6), by G. McLaren and J. Rouse (1:50 000), 2 sheets
1989-26 Geology and Geochemistry of the Tenquille Creek to Owl Mountain Area (92J/7, 10), by G. McLaren and J. Rouse
(1:50 000), 2 sheets
1989-27 Geology and Industrial Minerals in the Gang Ranch Area (92O/8W, 9W), by K. Green (1:50 000), 1 sheet
1989-28 Geology, Lithogeochemistry and Mineral Occurrences of the Bronson Creek Area (104B), by D.V. Lefebure and M.H. Gunning (1:25 000), 2 sheets