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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

BC METAL Historical Metal Production Database 1888-1988


BC METAL is a historical metal production database for British Columbia, containing information for 1452 mines that operated within the province from 1888 to 1988.  The database contains production statistics as reported on the Annual Census of Mines.  The Microsoft Access database (BCMETAL.MDB) consists of 2 tables: the BCMETAL_ID table, containing mine attributes, including mine id and name, mining division, NTS map, latitude/longitude, descriptor location, historical name changes, MINFILE number, if known, and comments; and the BCMETAL_PROD table, containing metal production data by year.  The production table includes amount of ore mined and milled, type of product, comments and amount of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, and other (cadmium, iron, mercury, nickel, tin and tungsten) produced.


Note 1: The time series spans the better part of this century and there have been numerous changes to the format of the annual census forms in that time. Production in recent times is normally recorded in the year in which the ore/concentrate is brought into revenue as per the reporting company's accounts. Thus, for example, at "start-up", ore can be mined and stockpiled or even processed one year and sold the next.


Note 2: The data is presented as it was in 1991.  Some records may have inconsistent data and will be reviewed and corrected as time permits.


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Reports from the BC METAL database

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Much of this database has been incorporated into the MINFILE mineral occurrence database.  Searches and production reports are available at: