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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Mineral Deposit Land Use Maps 1972-1981

(previous Mineral Resource Potential Maps)


Mineral Deposit Land Use maps produced between 1972 and 1977 (NTS 092H and 092I published in 1981) portray relative mineral potential and the probability of mineral discovery and exploration activity.  On these interpretive maps, terrain is subdivided into five hierarchical categories on the basis of distribution of deposits in relation to the areal geology and to the estimated mineral potential of the geological environment.  All are at a scale of 1:250 000. 


A new series of Mineral Potential Maps were released between 1992 and 1993. See also Mineral Potential Program.

Stock # NTS Map Author Location Date
MD82 082 Winsby, J.A. Arrow Lakes Area 1974
MD82F 082F Winsby, J.A. Arrow Lakes Area 1974
MD82G 082G Matheson, A.H. Fernie 1973
MD82G 082G,F McCartney, W.D., Matheson, A.H., James, G.L., Winsby, J.A. Purcell Mountain Area 1973
MD82J 082J McCartney, W.D., Matheson, A.H. Kananaskis Lakes 1976
MD82K 082K Matheson, A.H. Lardeau 1975
MD82L 082L Matheson, A.H. Vernon 1975
MD82M 082M Matheson, A.H. Seymour Arm 1975
MD82N 082N Matheson, A.H. Golden 1975
MD83D 083D Matheson, A.H. Canoe River 1975
MD92B 092B,C Balicki, E.M., Forester, J. Victoria 1977
MD92E 092E James, G.L., Northcote, K.E. Nootka Sound 1978
MD92F 092F Balicki, E.M., Jackson, E.V. Alberni 1973
MD92G 092G Forester, J. Vancouver 1977
MD92H 092H Forester, J. Hope 1981
MD92I 092I Forester, J. Ashcroft 1981
MD92J 092J Forester, J. Pemberton 1977
MD92K 092K James, G.L., Woodsworth, G., Forester, J. Bute Inlet 1977
MD92L 092L Jackson, E.V. Alert Bay 1972
MD92M 092M James, G.L., Woodsworth, G. Rivers Inlet 1975
MD92N 092N James, G.L., Woodsworth, G. Mount Waddington 1975
MD92O 092O Matheson, A.H. Taseko Lakes 1974
MD92P 092P Matheson, A.H. Bonaparte Lake 1975
MD93A 093A McCartney, W.D., Kalnins, T.E. Quesnel Lake 1975
MD93B 093B Matheson, A.H. Quesnel 1974
MD93C 093C Matheson, A.H. Anahim Lake 1974
MD93D 093D McCartney, W.D. Bella Coola 1974
MD93E 093E McCartney, W.D. Whitesail Lake 1974
MD93F 093F Matheson, A.H. Nechako River 1974
MD93G 093G Matheson, A.H. Prince George 1974
MD93H 093H Matheson, A.H. McBride 1975
MD93I 093I Matheson, A.H. Monkman Pass 1976
MD93J 093J McCartney, W.D., Matheson, A.H. McLeod Lake 1976
MD93K 093K McCartney, W.D. Fort Fraser 1974
MD93L 093L McCartney, W.D., Jackson, E.V., Matheson, A.H. Smithers 1973
MD93M 093M Matheson, A.H. Hazelton 1974
MD93N 093N McCartney, W.D., Matheson, A.H. Manson River 1976
MD93O 093O McCartney, W.D., Matheson, A.H. Pine Pass 1976
MD93P 093P Matheson, A.H. Dawson Creek 1976
MD94A 094A Matheson, A.H. Charlie Lake 1977
MD94B 094B Kalnins, T.E., Matheson, A.H. Halfway River 1976
MD94C 094C Matheson, A.H. Fort Grahame 1976
MD94D 094D Matheson, A.H. McConnell Creek 1974
MD94E 094E Matheson, A.H. Toodoggone River 1974
MD94F 094F Matheson, A.H. Ware 1973
MD94L 094L McCartney, W.D. Kechika 1973
MD94M 094M Kalnins, T.E. Rabbit River 1975
MD103A 103A McCartney, W.D. Laredo Sound 1974
MD103B 103B Matheson, A.H. Moresby Island 1974
MD103F(GK) 103F(GK) Matheson, A.H. Graham Island 1974
MD103H 103H McCartney, W.D. Douglas Channel 1974
MD103I 103I McCartney, W.D. Terrace 1972
MD103J 103J Matheson, A.H., McCartney, W.D. Prince Rupert 1974
MD103P 103P Matheson, A.H. Nass River 1974
MD104A 104A McCartney, W.D. Bowser Lake 1974
MD104B 104B Matheson, A.H. Iskut River 1974
MD104F 104F Matheson, A.H. Sumdum 1974
MD104G 104G Matheson, A.H., Wolferstan, W.H. Telegraph Creek 1974
MD104H 104H Matheson, A.H., McCartney, W.D. Spatsizi 1973
MD104I 104I McCartney, W.D. Cry Lake 1973
MD104J 104J McCartney, W.D. Dease Lake 1973
MD104L 104L Matheson, A.H. Tulsequah, Juneau 1973
MD104M 104M Matheson, A.H. Skagway 1973
MD104N 104N Matheson, A.H. Atlin 1973
MD104O 104O McCartney, W.D. Jennings River 1973
MD104P 104P McCartney, W.D. McDame 1973
MD114O 114P,O Matheson, A.H. Tatshenshini River & Yakutat 1973


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