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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

British Columbia Geological Survey Geoscience Map 2014-3

(also released as Geological Survey of Canada Open File 7604)

Geology of the north and mid-coast regions, British Columbia (Parts of NTS 103-A, -G, -H, -I and -J)


by J. Nelson, L.J. Diakow, J.B. Mahoney, G.E. Gehrels, C.R. van Staal, S. Karl, M. Pecha, and J.J. Angen 


This set of two 1:150,000 sheets includes the westernmost Coast Mountains, the Inside Passage and surrounding islands between Porcher Island and Klemtu. The area is underlain by metamorphosed rocks of the Alexander terrane, which are intruded by eastward-younging Late Jurassic to Paleocene plutonic belts of the Coast Plutonic Complex. This work has subdivided the Alexander terrane in coastal northwestern British Columbia for the first time, and has demonstrated correlations with better-known exposures in southeastern Alaska and the St. Elias Range. It also assigns intrusive bodies to plutonic suites, based on new U-Pb geochronology.
Mapping between 2008 and 2012 was supported by the Natural Resources Canada Geoscience for Energy and Minerals Program, Multi-metals Northwest Cordillera Project (Geological Survey of Canada) and the British Columbia Geological Survey.


Download north sheet (pdf, 24 Mb )

Download south sheet (pdf, 25 Mb)


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