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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geoscience Map 2004-3: Alkaline Cu-Au Porphyry Systems in British Columbia:  Copper Mountain
NTS 092H/07, 08


Geology by V.A. Preto
Compiled by G.T. Nixon
GIS Cartography by E.A.M. Macdonald


View Map (PDF 5.33MB)


This 1:50 000-scale geological map covers the area immediate to the Copper Mountain deposits and provides new information on the geological setting of an important copper-gold deposit in BC. Recent increases in the price of base and precious metals has generated renewed interest in exploration for Cordilleran Cu-Au porphyry deposits, which have produced major metal mines in British Columbia. Geoscience Map 2004-3 provides a new compilation of the geology of the Copper Mountain mining camp, an important past-producer, as originally described by Preto (1972) and Montgomery (1967). This new release captures the geological setting of the Cu-Au ores and surrounding prospects, and incorporates new and revised isotopic age dates for rocks associated with the mineralization.


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