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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geoscience Map 2003-1: Quaternary Geology of the Atlin Area, B.C.
NTS (104N/11&12) / GSC Open File 1562

by V.M. Levson, D.E. Kerr, C. Lowe & H. Blyth

View Map (PDF 9.98 MB)


Scale 1: 50 000


This surficial geology and placer potential map of the Atlin area was originally produced by the British Columbia Geological Survey (Levson and Kerr, 1992) following a 1991 field program investigating the geology of placer gold deposits in the Atlin mining district (Levson, 1992).  This Map is an updated colour version of the map presented by Levson and Kerr (1992) and includes results of new work conducted under the Atlin Targeted Geoscience Initiative by the British Columbia Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada.  New data includes recently published research on the Quaternary geology of the area (Levson and Blyth, 2001), new field observations and geochemical data on platinum in placer deposits (Levson et al., 2002), and a digital elevation model of the region produced by Lowe et al. (2001; Figure 1).  Map units have been revised to include the chrono-stratigraphic designations as well as surficial materials information but unit boundaries have not been altered.


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