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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geoscience Map 2002-3: Geology of the Beece Creek-Nuit Mountain Area, B.C.
(NTS 92N/8, 9, 10; 92O/5, 6, 12)

Geology by:
  P. Schiarizza, J. Riddell, R.G. Gaba, D.M. Melville, P.J. Umhoefer,
M.J. Robinson, B.K. Jennings and D. Hick

Macrofossil Identifications: J.W. Haggart, T.P. Poulton and H.W. Tipper;
Conodont Identifications: M.J. Orchard;
Radiolarian identification: F. Cordey;
Plant fossil identifications: E. McIver;
Isotopic Dating: R.M. Friedman, D.A. Archibald, J. Gabites and J. Mortensen


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Scale 1:100 000


Geoscience Map 2002-3 covers an area of about 2000 square kilometres in southwestern BC, and encompasses the transition from the Chilcotin and Niut ranges of the Coast Mountains to the subdued topography of the Chilcotin Plateau. The area is underlain by Late Paleozoic through Middle Jurassic sedimentary, volcanic and plutonic rocks of the Bridge River, Cadwallader, Methow and Stikine terranes, together with Jura-Cretaceous sedimentary rocks of the Tyaughton-Methow basin, Late Cretaceous subaerial volcanic rocks of the Powell Creek formation, and Miocene-Pliocene plateau lavas of the Chilcotin Group. The area also includes important suites of Late Cretaceous granitoid intrusions, and important regional structures such as the Yalakom and Tchaikazan dextral strike-slip faults. The map includes new geological information from around the Late Cretaceous Fish Lake (Prosperity) copper-gold porphyry deposit, the Eocene Skinner gold-quartz vein deposit and several porphyry-style copper-gold occurrences associated with Late Triassic tonalite intrusions of the Cadwallader terrane.


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