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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geoscience Map 1997-2: Bedrock and Surficial Geology of the Southern Nechako Plateau, Central British Columbia
NTS (93F/2,3,6,7)

by L.J. Diakow and V.M. Levson


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This colored geological map (1: 100 000 scale) is a compilation of bedrock and surficial geology data from the area between the Nechako Reservoir and the Blackwater River.  The inferred extent of mineralizing plutons and prospective rhyolites are also shown, as are fossil and age dating sites, ice flow direction indicators, geochemical sample sites, and the distribution and nature of surficial sediments that are most usable for local geochemical surveys.


Widespread drift cover, and lack of geological and geochemical information has hindered exploration in this region in the past. In 1993 and 1994 the members of the Interior Plateau Project discovered several new precious metal occurrences and identified geochemical anomalies that are significant new targets for mineral exploration.  The region has significant untested mineral potential and is undergoing active mineral exploration, mainly for precious metal deposits.


The geology of the map area is discussed in detail in the Interior Plateau Project volume (GSB Paper 1997-2 and GSC Open File 3448) which summarizes results from a variety of geological studies conducted in the vast Interior Plateau region west of the Fraser River and east of the Coast Mountains in central British Columbia.  The Interior Plateau Project was conducted under the auspices of the Federal-Provincial Mineral Development Agreement (1991-1995).


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