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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Geoscience Map 1995-1: Purcell Supergroup, Southwestern British Columbia,  Geological Compilation Map

(NTS 82G,F,E; 82J/SW, 82K/SE)

by T. Höy, R.A. Price, A. Legun, B. Grant and D. Brown

View Map (PDF 2.8 MB)
Geology Shape files (0.8 MB)


Scale 1:250 000


Geoscience Map 1995-1 is a geological compilation map of the Purcell Supergroup in southeastern British Columbia.

GIS files for download, including Manifold MAP, ESRI Shape and KML files, are available in Geofile 2007-2, Belt-Purcell Metallogenic Data and Map by D.G. MacIntyre.  Also available is an interactive compilation map on MapPlace:  Belt-Purcell Metallogenic Map.


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