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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Information Circular 2010-5

Gold in British Columbia


by J. Fredericks, B. Northcote, T. Schroeter and L. Wilkin


View Information Circular 2010-5 (PDF, 2.3 MB)


This updated brochure briefly describes gold deposits in British Columbia, including the Kemess South, Sulphurets Camp and Mount Milligan deposits.  It has a location map of selected gold deposits, by deposit type, and a table of the top 20 lode gold producers.


The MINFILE database lists over 2,700 occurrences for which gold is identified as the primary commodity.  Of these nearly 700 have recorded gold production (398 lode, 294 placer).  Total lode gold (1890-2010) and placer gold (1858-2010) production amounts to 32.6 million ounces and 6 million ounces, respectively. The top 25 producers include the Bridge River, Rossland, Hedley, Premier, Greenwood and Cariboo-Barkerville camps and the Eskay Creek, Island Copper, Snip and Kemess South mines, which have each produced over a million ounces, account for 90% of total production.  The province's remaining in-ground gold resources are estimated at more than 130 million ounces. 


Other gold publications:

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To create your own list of gold deposits, use the MINFILE/www SEARCH.