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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Information Circular 2002-3


Posters and Presentations Presented at Cordilleran Roundup in Vancouver, British Columbia, January 22-25, 2002


Compiled by Mike Fournier and Brian Grant

March 6, 2002


View Information Circular 2002-3 Poster List (PDF, 36 KB)


This publication contains posters and presentations that were presented at Cordilleran Roundup in Vancouver, British Columbia, January 22-25, 2002.


Poster Titles
Note: the poster numbers in the list correlate to the actual number in the pdf file name.


1. Targeting hotspots: metal zoning in VMS belts
    D.J. Alldrick

2. Geology and mineral potential of the east Harrison Lake area
    C. Ash

3. Sunshine Coast aggregate potential mapping
    A. Bichler, E. Brooks, and P. Bobrowsky

4. Coalbed methane opportunities and strategy in British Columbia
    D. Brown

5. Coalbed methane resources in British Columbia
    D. Brown

6. Bella Coola Targeted Geoscience Initiative: VMS mineralization hosted by Middle Jurassic strata
    L. Diakow

7. Quaternary Geology studies in the Huckleberry mine area, West Central British Columbia
    T. Ferbey and V. Levson

8. Geology and massive sulphide potential of the Barkerville terrane, Cariboo Lake area, British Columbia
    F. Ferri

9. J.T. Fyles Library online
    S. Ferris, M. Palmer

10. Southwest region, British Columbia
     J. Houle

11. Harrison Lake nickel belt, British Columbia
     J. Houle

12. Geology and evolution of the Rossland camp, southern British Columbia
     T. Höy

13. BHT and Sedex deposits, Monashee Complex, SE BC
     T. Höy


14. NGR Surveys in the BC Cordillera to target and attract mineral exploration
     W. Jackaman, R. Lett, and P. Friske

15. Explore the MapPlace
     L. Jones, P. Desjardins, D. MacIntyre

16. 2001 mining and exploration activity - north central British Columbia
     R. Lane

17. Gold enriched porphyry copper mineralization in the Central Quesnel Terrane
     R. Lane, K. MacDonald, B. McGrath

18. Calc-alkalic porphyry Cu-Au mineralization in the Toodoggone Region
     R. Lane, K. MacDonald, B. McGrath

19. A layered data approach to coalbed methane geology in NE BC
     A. Legun

20. Stream sediment geochemical exploration for platinum in BC
     R. Lett and W. Jackaman

21. Platinum group elements in British Columbia placer deposits
     V. Levson

22. Intrusion-related mineral occurrences of the mid-Cretaceous Bayonne magmatic belt, SE British Columbia
     J. Logan

23. Geological highlights of the Nakina Transect, northwestern British Columbia
     M.G. Mihalynuk, S.T. Johnston, C. Lowe, J. English, F. Devine, et al.

24. Cu-PGE mineralization in alkaline plutonic complexes, southern British Columbia
     G.T. Nixon

25. WWW MINFILE - gateway to exploration
     G. Owsiacki, G. Payie, L. de Groot, and L. Jones

26. Recent corporate donation of exploration reports to Property File: Placer Dome, Starr, Falconbridge, Chevron
     G. Payie

27. The Platinum Group Element potential of the Cogburn Ultramafic Suite
     R. Pinsent

28. The polymetallic Lustdust porphyry-skarn property, north-central BC
     G.E. Ray, I.C.L. Webster, P. Megaw, J. McGlasson, K. Glover, and K.P.E. Dunne

29. Marilla Perlite - volcanic glass occurrence, British Columbia
     M.D. Rotella and G.J. Simandl

30. Energy for the future - coal and coalbed methane in BC
     B. Ryan

31. Bonaparte Project: the geology of Quesnel and Slide Mountain terranes west of Clearwater, southern BC
     P. Schiarizza, S. Heffernan, J. Zuber, and S. Israel

32. Industrial minerals - current trends
     G.J. Simandl, A. Rossley

33. ARIS & CoalFile - digital assessment reports on the Internet
     A. Wilcox, L. Jones, and L. de Groot

34. Exploration opportunities in northwest BC
     P. Wojdak


Presentation Titles
Note: the presentations are in executable PowerPoint format.

Geological Setting and Origin of Ultramafic Rocks in the East Harrison Lake Belt
C. Ash, R. Pinsent, R. Lett, W. Jackaman and J. Houle


The Barkerville Terrane: Regional Correlations and Massive Sulphide Potential
F. Ferri


The MapPlace - An Internet-based Mineral Exploration Tool
L. Jones, D. MacIntrye, P. Desjardins


British Columbia Mining, Development and Exploration - 2001
T. Schroeter


Industrial Minerals - Current Trends and Future Opportunities
G.J. Simandl


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