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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Information Circular 1997-4


Focus on B.C. Industrial Minerals '95


Intro (PDF, 212KB)

Part 1 - Demand Defines Exploration Targets for Industrial Minerals (PDF, 376KB)
by P.W. Harben, Consultant

Part 2 - Industrial Mineral Opportunity for B.C. Custom Processing (PDF, 43KB)
by B. Ainsworth, Consultant

Part 3 - Industrial Kaolin and Market Growth on the Pacific Rim (PDF, 478KB)
by C.C. Harvey, Consultant

Part 4 - Challenges for the Pacific Northwest Cement Manufacturer (PDF, 124KB)
E. Cardey, President, I.M.P.A.C.T. Mineral Inc.

Part 5 - B.C. Dimension Stone in 1995 (PDF, 28KB)
by Z.D. Hora, Industrial Minerals Specialist, B.C. Geological Survey

Part 6 - Market Development and Business Growth Strategy for Light Weight Zeolite Concrete (PDF, 43KB) 

by L.E.W. Hogg, President, Polar Powders and Technology Inc.

Part 7 - Economics of Various Industrial Minerals in B.C. for the Pulp and Paper Industry (PDF, 868KB)
B.A. Slim, President, MineStart Management Inc.

Part 8 - Industrial Minerals and Bill13 (PDF, 314KB)
by D. Lieutard, Director, R. Conte, Assistant Director, Mineral Titles, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources

Part 9 - Clayburn Industries Ltd. (PDF, 21KB)
by D. Harris, President, Clayburn Industries Ltd.

Part 10 - Resources, Applications and Market Trends of Calcium Carbonates in the Nothern Pacific Rim (PDF, 387KB) 

by C.C. Harvey, Consultant

Part 11 - Update on Perlite (PDF, 417KB)
by D.F. Gunning, Consultant, BC Trade Development Corporation

Part 12 - Short History of an Industrial Mineral Development (PDF, 277KB)
by P.B. Aylen, President, Western Industrial Clay Products Ltd.

Part 13 - Zeolite Potential in British Columbia (PDF, 882KB)
by P.B. Read, Consultant

Part 14 - Holnam West Materials Ltd. Limestone Quarry - Texada Island (PDF, 20KB)
by P.M. Stiles, Vice-President, Holnam West Materials Ltd.

Part 15 - Garnet Market Potential in Western Canada and United States (PDF, 83KB)
D.G. Lobdel, Consultant


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